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  1. res291que

    Indiana Blichmann Conical 14.5 gallon for sale

    Price shipped to 21788 ?
  2. res291que

    California FOR SALE: Ss Brewtech Homebrew System

    If you part out and are willing to ship, I would probably be interested in a few things
  3. res291que

    Ss Brewtech Huge Giveaway - 7 Gallon Unitank + Sspunding Valve

    Wow, nice give away thanks!
  4. res291que

    50 Gallon Brewtech Kettle

    Okay probably too much to ship, thanks anyway
  5. res291que

    50 Gallon Brewtech Kettle

    Just out of curiosity where are you located?
  6. res291que

    Blichmann Conical Fermenter - Tri-Clamp Fittings

    If you decide to ship I might be interested. Not sure how much it would be to ship to 21788
  7. res291que

    Giveaway for Inkbird 1500W temperature controller

    Thanks for the opportunity
  8. res291que

    Maryland Peltier cooling w/milled aluminum blocks

    Would they fit a 14.5 gallon blichmann fermenator?
  9. res291que

    30% off for inkbird controllers

    Any word on the PID control for electronic brewing?
  10. res291que

    DC Group Buy #17

    Payment has been sent
  11. res291que

    INKBIRD Giveaway at the End of September and Inkbird Super Sale Code

    Thanks again for another cool give away. I'd love to win that 308S + 12"probe
  12. res291que

    DC Group Buy #17

    Nothing like cutting it close. I work on the 8th so I definitely need you to pick up the grain and hold it for me Tony. I'd like to order the following : 1 bag of 1928C Briess 2-Row Brewers Malt 50 Lb and 1 bag of 1915C Muntons Maris Otter Malt Blend 55 Lb Thanks Sorry for the late entry...
  13. res291que

    DC Group Buy #17

    Hey Tony if I order could you or someone from Frederick area pick up? Not sure depending on when the pick up is if I will make it, will probably be 2 or 3 sacks of grain. Thanks
  14. res291que

    Virginia 14gal Blichmann Fermenator conical - $400

    Any chance you would ship this to MD?
  15. res291que

    New Hampshire A419 T-stat and Co2 charger

    Do you have a picture of the CO2 charger?
  16. res291que

    Alabama Rims Tube and Hopback

    Got the RIMS tube last night. Looks great extremely well packed. Thanks