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  1. 417WRX

    DIY Glycol setup

    Sweet deal! Only if you weren’t 4 hours away.
  2. 417WRX

    Win a Ss Brewtech Keg WaSsher!

    Better late than never!
  3. 417WRX

    cragslist co2 tank

    That is a smoking deal!
  4. 417WRX

    Beer Clean Glass detergent

    I use distilled white vinegar and it removes calcium buildup but will also remove graphics etc...
  5. 417WRX

    How to lighten your sanke keggle

  6. 417WRX

    Anyone get a conical fermenter for Christmas they don't want?

    I have one like this http://cgi.ebay.com/Conical-Fermenter-6-5-Gallon-Beer-Wine-NEW-/270677105676?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item3f059cdc0c I would sell.
  7. 417WRX

    Tulsa Oktoberfest

    I have not been but I am about 99% sure I am going. My friend has gone 2 or 3 years in a row. He said it is awesome. We will get there Friday night and stay until Sunday.
  8. Bar_Kegerator_Fish_Tank_001


  9. GlassWineRack


  10. Baropen


  11. Bar


  12. 417WRX

    KAB4 banjo burner,3 pc ball valves

    You have a PM.
  13. 417WRX

    3 Tap Wood Keezer, Baltimore, MD (Not Mine)

    Very Nice!
  14. 417WRX

    Mash Paddle Giveaway

    Love the Products!
  15. 417WRX

    Plastic Barrels. Craigslist Springfield Missouri (not mine)

  16. 417WRX

    Ebay Find. (not mine)

  17. 417WRX

    Quick Disconnects

    What size are the barbs?
  18. 417WRX

    Proflow QD's. $5.

    I just realized my tubing for my peristaltic pump is 3/8 and you have 1/2 fittings :drunk: I do appreciate the information and bump for a good deal!
  19. 417WRX

    Proflow QD's. $5.

    I just want to clarify you have type C and then it couples with Type E? I want to use these for attaching tubing to the lid of the MLT. Do I need anything else (bulk head fitting)? Thanks Nick
  20. 417WRX

    Proflow QD's. $5.

    Do you have a model number, I'm having trouble finding them on the website? Are they still for sale?