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  1. WinterWarlock

    Jockey Box Trouble

    Now that's a solution! Thanks for the idea. The existing fittings are supposed to connect the coil directly to the shank.
  2. WinterWarlock

    Jockey Box Trouble

    Having some issues with the jockey box I put together. As you can see, I've opted to connect everything with tubing and hoseclamps, however, I'm finding that after a few days the tubing inevitably slips off the coil. The barb connction is solid, fortunately. I've cranked the hoseclamps down...
  3. WinterWarlock

    Jockey Box Advice

    Thanks, Spartan and S-Met! I appreciate the advice. I think the reasonable thing to do is just get a cooler that fits the coil. That way I don't have to deal with tubing and hoseclamps, or cutting the coil. It's funny how these projects always get delayed just when you think you have all the...
  4. WinterWarlock

    Jockey Box Advice

    So I got all the compoenets together for my jockey box build and it appears the coil is quite snug. It looks like I'm going to have to either bend the coil a bit to make it work (not sure if that's possible with stainless coils) or perhaps I should get a few tailpieces to attach to the shanks...
  5. WinterWarlock

    Jockey Box Questions

    I'm doing some research before I build a jockey box and I'm curious if anyone can offer advice on the following considerations: 1. Coil Length: I'm thinking either 50ft of 5/16 or 50 ft of 3/8 stainless steel tubing. Would the 3/8 be much different in terms of cooling capacity? Will either size...