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  1. k1ngl1ves

    How can I carb a keg in 3 days?

    This system does work, and fast. I have a friend who built his own for under $40 using one of those eBay tan pumps. Blichmann is once again price gouging for simple designs... :mug:
  2. k1ngl1ves

    How many empty 5lb kegs can a 5lb CO2 tank fill?

    You gotta have a lot of balls to come here and ask these questions. :ban:
  3. k1ngl1ves

    Best Dry Hop Technique For Me

    Ding Ding Ding! We've got a winner! :mug:
  4. k1ngl1ves

    what are the benefits of a sight glass?

    It looks scientific and sometimes fancy. That leads to wonder by others, and a higher coolness factor in return. Admit it. They're cool looking... and useful sometimes. :ban:
  5. k1ngl1ves

    Your best advice for a beginning brewer

    1. Sanitation is the most important. 2. Patience. 3. Have fun!
  6. k1ngl1ves

    Expired DME

    I think you're fine with DME. LME is a different story...
  7. k1ngl1ves

    Which Hop stage gives the most Hop Flavor?

    Try splitting your dry hop portion in two. Dry hop for a few days, then add the rest. I've noticed quite a bit of a difference between this way or adding all at once. Much more noticeable aroma and flavor with the same amount of hops used. Why? Hell! I don't know! :mug:
  8. k1ngl1ves

    Trying to understand whirlfloc

    You have to try it for yourself to really understand. Lol! It's amazing! Good for AG and extract. You only need half a tablet for a 5 gallon batch. Everything drops out in the fermenter. I'm a "dump everything into the fermenter" guy. Never an issue. Some even say it's better. All I...
  9. k1ngl1ves

    What are all these acronyms?!

    She still stumps me daily. I have no idea what she's so angry about most of the time. :ban:
  10. k1ngl1ves

    Fermentation done after only 2 days...hmmm

    70° ambient temp room is a bit warm. Most likely your fermenting beer was higher. Anywhere from 75°-85°. Just an estimate, and definitely not accurate. Lol! Your fermenting temp was too high though. That I'm sure. Probably why you fermented out so quickly. Overall, it will still be...
  11. k1ngl1ves

    I have a slight OCD...

    That's not OCD. That's being overly prepared. :mug: I do the same as you, except my hops are kept in alphabetical order from left to right, and sectioned by year. Same with yeast, except numerically and by date. :(
  12. k1ngl1ves

    Suck back during cold crashing and a poss remedy?

    Here we go again... :ban:
  13. k1ngl1ves

    Suck back during cold crashing and a poss remedy?

    It does. I use 4' long 1 1/4" OD blowoff tubes on my carboys, run into a bucket of starsan. I tried cold crashing like that once, thinking the co2 in the tube should be more than enough to keep from sucking in air. I was wrong. Really wrong. I woke up the next morning, and almost the entire...
  14. k1ngl1ves

    Suck back during cold crashing and a poss remedy?

    Pretty much this. Try using whirlfloc or moss in your boil. Works for most stuff. I do cold crash on occasion. I saw some people rigged up a way to put a balloon full of co2 on an orange cap on the carboy. I tried that, but it was a bit of a pain... I simplified it by using the...
  15. k1ngl1ves

    What to do about beer stone?

    This. I prefer the powder over the liquid. The powder works much better, imo. If that still doesn't work, soak the kettle in some vinegar. Vinegar is a beast. This is assuming your kettle is stainless. If it's aluminum... good luck! :mug:
  16. k1ngl1ves

    Hop bag or loose pellets in kettle?

    No protection. I go all natural when squeezing my sack. :off: ... or is it?
  17. k1ngl1ves

    Hop bag or loose pellets in kettle?

    I just toss them in loose. It seems every time I've used a muslin bag, I just tear the damn thing while stirring. When I use whole cone hops, I use a false bottom in my boil kettle.
  18. k1ngl1ves

    Mucus in lungs after binge drinking

    When you binge drink, you're poisoning yourself. That will lower your immune system, and anything that's lying in wait will present itself. A lot of the time, you catch a common cold and never know it because your immune system keeps it in check. A night of heavy drinking can lower your...
  19. k1ngl1ves

    How fast do you have to chill to avoid chill haze?

    If it's important to you, then get a bigger chiller. Lol! I use a 1/2" x 50' IC. I also use a CFC at the same time....
  20. k1ngl1ves

    Hate to be that guy buuuut

    Yep, but it'll still be beer! Just might be a bit off...