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  1. hillhousesawdustco

    No Amarillo, No Citra, No Mosaic

    Maybe back to basics? Cascade/Columbus/Chinook?
  2. hillhousesawdustco

    Where do you buy bulk grain

    Are you actually in Naples? If so I guess that means that Brewing Daily shut down? Fort Myers apparently has "Time to Make Wine" but no idea as to their pricing.
  3. hillhousesawdustco

    Critique my Am IPA PM recipe!

    Won't comment on the grain bill as it seems you are working on that already and I don't want to muddy the situation. The usual comment for IPA recipes is "more hops!" In this case I would agree. Columbus and Chinook are both great IPA hops, and you're getting a wonderful charge of bitterness...
  4. hillhousesawdustco

    Yeast strain choices

    I rather like 1272 (American Ale II) for pale ales and IPAs. I've used 1728 (Scottish Ale) in a porter and a stout and thought it worked out quite well. Don't have much experience with english brews. Good luck finding something exciting! Maybe try harvesting something interesting from a...
  5. hillhousesawdustco

    Age Worthy Recipe for Med School Graduation in 2015

    I think the barleywine is a great idea. I will also throw a Braggot into the mix. Honey does great work when aged for quite a while. I've made a few Braggots that were basically stout recipes with a crapton of honey added at high krausen and told folks they were barleywine (because nobody...
  6. hillhousesawdustco

    Brewing a wheat beer- hops on hand

    There is a very popular "Centennial Wheat" recipe here on HBT (I'm actually drinking one right now). I think it could be easily adapted to Citra and Willamette in particular. Saaz too. Don't have any experience outside with Summit/Warrior outside of using as bittering hops in big hoppy beers.
  7. hillhousesawdustco

    Thoughts?: AG Citra-Wheat IPA

    That looks pretty good to me. I think I'd use a little less honey malt and a lighter crystal malt (10-40) but otherwise looks pretty tasty.
  8. hillhousesawdustco

    Super low gravity white IPA critique

    That looks pretty good to me. Maybe you could add a small amount of honey or sugar to get closer to the "dryness" you're looking for?
  9. hillhousesawdustco

    chocolate centennial ipa

    Well with that malty backbone and bitterness, might as well dry hop it!
  10. hillhousesawdustco

    chocolate centennial ipa

    Ha, I'm an idiot. Just re-read the title of the post. Drinkin', ya know? Hope it turns out swell, check back when you're having a pint! actually- what yeast are you using and did you use a starter?
  11. hillhousesawdustco

    chocolate centennial ipa

    What hops are you using? Even with a pretty high gravity, that is going to be a pretty darned bitter "brown" IPA. or is cent = centennial? that was registering as "percent" in my head for some reason.
  12. hillhousesawdustco

    how does my blonde ale recipe look

    I'd dial down the cara-pils to a half pound. Hop bill looks fine to me for a blonde, but an ounce of Willamette or cascade at flamout wouldn't hurt my feelings.
  13. hillhousesawdustco

    Base malt experiment

    Great post, interested to see what your conclusions are.
  14. hillhousesawdustco

    Help on converting a recipe from a large craft brewer

    Will you be able to use the same yeast strain?
  15. hillhousesawdustco

    Trying my hand at the Black IPA

    Definitely more hops in the boil, throw a bunch in during the last 5 minutes. The roasted/toasted/malty characteristics of your grain bill will cover a bunch of your hop flavor and aroma. It seems like a zillion ways to make a Black IPA- good luck!
  16. hillhousesawdustco

    Cascade Focused Ale

    I've got a CDA/Black IPA/American Dark Ale/Whatever conditioning at the moment - I used a little bit of dehusked CarafaIII and a little bit of Midnight Wheat and that seemed to get the color I was going for without it being overly "roasty." So I'd at least reduce your roasted barley...
  17. hillhousesawdustco

    Columbus as Late Addition or Dry Hop

    Does anyone regularly use Columbus hops outside of 60/90 minute additions for cheap IBUS? Last weekend I did a dry-hop-some-cheap-bottled-beer tasting and the Cbus bottles definitely got the biggest reaction. It actually smelled amazing- just sort of dank and flat out "hoppy" especially...
  18. hillhousesawdustco

    Honey Ale

    Just a heads up that this thread is from 2009- search around the forums and you're sure to find lots of info regarding all this. In my experience, a little honey malt in a beer goes a long way and in my OPINION is a good addition to a honey ale. In the right dosage it seems to impart that bit...
  19. hillhousesawdustco

    Next Brew a Cream Ale...suggestions?

    Yes search for Cream of Three Crops here on HBT. I've never brewed it but it is somewhat absurdly well reviewed and looks to be equally absurdly cheap to brew.
  20. hillhousesawdustco

    Sour Raspberry Ale

    I know nothing about making lambics...I'm just curious how much volume 16oz of Rose hips and 1lb of Hibiscus takes up in your secondary? Edit: Also, now that I think about it, how do you get an OG of 1.062 with that extract and c10? Does that include the gravity of the starter and the fruit...