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  1. J

    Are dry hops a catalyst for clarifying ale?

    I didn't see any allusions to this in searching the forum, but it has now happened three straight times... Adding dry hops to three different batches of ale in the secondary coincided with the very rapid (24-36 hours) clarification of the beer. In each case the beer had been upwards of two...
  2. J

    Getting your wife to beg you to buy a kegging system...and what I should get...

    Last week I was pleasantly surprised when, without prompting, my wife said "you can keg your beer rather than bottle it right...? why don't we start doing that?" In hopes that others may share the opportunity to pause, contemplate and then reply "well, the equipment does cost a bit initially...
  3. J

    Did too many new things at once...contaminated or biz as usual?

    Used irish moss at the end of the boil for the first time, used liquid yeast for the first time, then dry hopped for the first time (plugs, loose in secondary)... Told myself I ought not to do the noob thing and write asking whether or not my beer is broken, especially without including a pic...
  4. J

    Do I even want a wort chiller?

    I'm a novice brewer, but very much the gadget and equipment guy. (I've got a nasty habit of overspending on my hobbies...) I was bummed that my LHBS closed before I could get there on the eve of my third boil, as everything I've read indicates this is a valuable piece of kit that will really...