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  1. GC89

    Flying Blind: How much RO water to cut tap with

    Hi guys looking for some experience and advice. I am waiting on my label and box from ward to get a water analysis, but until then Im still brewing blind. I have several stout and porter recipes I have maid that come out amazing and am constantly asked to brew them so I can send home growlers...
  2. GC89

    Fermentation got very warm, still repitch yeast?

    So I have a beer currently fermenting. Its a loosely based off of Rogue DeadGuy. I cultured some pacman yeast from a few bombers. I could not find thel heater I normally use so I went with a similar one I had around. I woke up this morning to find the room at 101 and the fermentor at a solid 80...
  3. GC89

    If you could have one reference book

    So my wife got me a $20 gift card to borders to buy a brewing book as part of my Christmas present. So the only one they had in store was The Brewmasters Bible by Stephen Snyder, it looked like it had some decent info but If Im going to get a book I want something that I will continue to use a...
  4. GC89

    Blackharp Brewing Herms Build

    My set up has served me well, ok I take that back........ it has managed to pull off some damn good beers. However I am tired of moving kegs, having to run through all of my sparges before transferring anything to the boil kettle and struggling to maintain mash temps. I am also tired of dealing...
  5. GC89

    Poly conical previous use concerns

    So I have a chance to pick up a 15 gal plastic conical with a stand for next to nothing. It says ace roto mold, us plastics on it. The only issue I have is I am not sure what it was previously used for. I know it was agricultural, its from my university. So how effectively can these be...
  6. GC89

    Hallertau Casualty

    I already had 12 plants prior to this year, 3 of Chinook, Cascade, Centennial, and Fuggle. They are all on their 3rd year and took off and even produced well in their first year. This year I split 3 more plants from the Chinook, 4 from Centennial, and 3 from the Fuggle. Those all took off as...
  7. GC89

    Best palate on HBT?

    So I have a wet hop ale from my 09 crop. I have always detected something in it that I do not like. I have had two other experienced brewers taste it and they either couldn't pinpoint it or didn't pick anything wrong up. I know it is supposed to be grassy which it is, but there is something else...
  8. GC89

    Dual scale refractometer worth it?

    I have been wanting to pick up a refractometer for a while and am debating between two models. I have used the standard version at a buddies in the past and know that he is happy with it. I still plan on using a hydrometer for pre and post fermentation reading but it would be nice to take...
  9. GC89

    Dual scale refractometer worth it?

    Internet glitch, double post sorry
  10. GC89

    Rock Bottom Peashooter Pale anyone???

    I have been intrigued by this brew ever since I tried it, extremely light and crip on the front end and very hopy and aromatic on the tail end. I have wanted to work something out similar to this and lager it to make it extra crisp and clean in time for summer. I checked online and they dont...
  11. GC89

    SNPA yeast

    Anyone have any idea if Sierra Nevada Pale ale uses a house yeast? I just got a bottle with some serious sediment in it. Seamed odd to me so I am seriously thinking about culturing it, just to give it a shot if nothing else. If its nothing special then it probably isnt worth it but couldnt find...
  12. GC89

    Help with a BIG stout recipe......with lager yeast

    One of the guys in my local brew club has mentioned a doing a big every year and using lager yeast to smooth it out. I want to do a few stouts this fall/winter. I would like to do a nice mellow one for the SWMBO not too far off from Guinness draft (she only drinks dark beers). I would also...
  13. GC89

    Source for autoclavable vials?

    I want to start a frozen yeast bank and Im having trouble finding another source for autoclavable vials. Cynmar has them but has a $25 min order and I really dont need 60 of them. I would just buy something else but they dont even have a flask big enough for starters. The biggest they have is...
  14. GC89

    2nd year yields a bit dissapointing

    This is the second year for my hops. Last year I waited too long and they browned out and were useless. This year it actually seams like they produced less. I really havent done much for them (didnt prune/ train, or fertilize) but I would expect more this year than last. So far I have a bout 3...
  15. GC89

    NW guys, Ninkasi believer double red or, Hale's Mongoos IPA recipe?

    Hey guys pretty new to AG and looking for something similar to these. Just tried both of these beers an love them. I think the true test is first if you enjoy a whole pint not just a taster but if a pitcher is good till the last drop you've really got something. Im still too green to attempt...
  16. GC89

    Help me with/Critique My wet hop pale.

    So its about that time in my area and I have been wanting to try a wet hopped beer since its something you really only get a shot at once a year. I have been having some trouble finding much on recipes or any other info. So here is what I have come up with. Its a mix of several discussions and...
  17. GC89

    My simple two receptacle all grain build

    Im making the jump to all grain so I thought I would share it all with you and hopefully gain some insight from those who have already been there. At this stage things will be kept simple, mobile and storable. I am in college so this system needs to stay be able to be tucked away at my...
  18. GC89

    Help a noob design my first AG set up

    Hi guys, I'v been brewing partial for quite a while now and have helped a local guy with several AG batches. I am now about to begin building my own set up. I have a few things Im already set on and the rest is up in the air. 1. I'm sticking with electric, no ng here but I have plenty of 220...
  19. GC89

    Should I pick up this old keggerator???

    A friend of mine has an old kegerator that some tenants left in his rental house (trashed the place) I can take if off his hands for 40 bucks but since the power is shut off there we have no idea if it works. I would think likely not since they left it but took the shank, faucet, and all the...
  20. GC89

    Using Sanke valve as port for drain valve on MLT

    I am in the process of building an Ekeggle to use for all grain brewing. I'v done quite a bit of searching in regards to design, false bottom style, valve placement ect. From what I have seen the most common valve placement is on the side as low as possible with a dip or spiral tube to the...