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  1. Evan!

    Helles Bock 'Feat of Strength' Helles Bock

    This is my highest-gravity lager to date. I brewed 10 gallons on 7/24, it fermented for about a week at 48->54f, then I brought it up to room temp (60's) for a week or so to help it finish out. FG was 1.018 or so. Been lagering ever since; the other half is still lagering, actually. Kegged and...
  2. Evan!

    The Little Man @ 2 Months

    Went to the doc today, he's 11lbs 8oz (50th percentile), and 24" tall (75th percentile). Very healthy and happy...the doc says we should write a book, because we're doing everything right. Of course we are ;), but it's nice to get validation from the ped. Anyway, Reid says hi...
  3. Evan!

    Adding Fruit to a Kriek Before Pellicle Drops?

    This was my first lambic, and thus obviously my first kriek. I brewed it back on 7/1/08. It's had a healthy, furry 1/2" pellicle for the better part of a year, and there's been essentially no visual change in it. Now that we're 13 months out, I'm thinking it might be time to add the cherry puree...
  4. Evan!

    Trejo...DeNiro...Alba...Lohan...is there any way this won't be the best thing ever?

    This looks to be the first movie based on its own fake trailer. And it looks like the most awesomest thing in the world... Danny Trejo, one of my favorite b-list actors, is Machete. DeNiro is now confirmed, as is Jessica Alba. Lindsay Lohan and Steven Seagal are rumored to be cast as...
  5. Evan!

    Harbor Freight: What's the Catch?

    I've always been curious about them, simply because they have a great selection of crap and the prices are almost too low. So I rolled the dice yesterday, ordered an angle grinder, a set of grinding discs, a stepped drill bit set, an apron, a magentic parts tray, and some dust masks, and the...
  6. Evan!

    How Many co2 Cartridges Needed to Dispense 5g?

    I'm taking a corny to a party on Saturday. Going to be rockin my little co2 cartridge thing to dispense it...which I just got last week. So...are 2 of the cartridges enough to dispense the whole keg? The LHBS only had 2 left...I'm sure they have more now, and I'll make the drive if I have to...
  7. Evan!

    Demon Centipedes

    I don't know if it's just the exceptionally rainy year, but this is the first time these things have been in my house. They're only about 1" long, they don't really cause any trouble, I just don't like centipedes crawling around my house (mainly the basement). Anyone else have these little...
  8. Evan!

    Change Your Default Facebook Language to "English (Pirate)"

    ...you will thank me later. Hours of entertainment await ye!
  9. Evan!

    Say Hi To Our Boy!

    Reid Nicholas Williams, born 7/7/09 @ 8:22pm. 7lbs 10oz. Absolutely amazing!
  10. Evan!

    Looks Like This Thing is Happening Tomorrow, One Way or Another!

    We're currently 8 days late. Just went in for an ultrasound and non-stress test. The boy was going crazy during the NST, so he's very healthy and energetic...but the u/s showed the fluid/placenta levels a little low. So, the fact that we're already over a week late, and the fluid is a little...
  11. Evan!

    Beer Gun? We LOVE the Stinking Beer Gun!

    Aight, I did the BMBF thing for awhile, but I keep finding that you have to leave almost no headspace to hold your carbonation over long periods. The inlaws gave me some scrilla for my b-day last week, and said I had to spend it on beer crap. Darn. :p So after the debacle on Friday where I...
  12. Evan!

    PSA of the Day: Leave Headspace when Draft Bottling, You Dirt Monkeys!

    I've been using the BMBF to draft bottle for awhile now. Works fine, but I tend to lose a good amount of carbonation if I leave headspace. So I do my best to fill them entirely up. Never had a problem with this before. Cut to Friday. I had a keg of 12.5% Briti-Belgian barleywine. While it's...
  13. Evan!

    Motherf*ckin' Cake Shows!

    Alright, f*ck all these motherf*ckers. Every other goddamned show on the idiot box is a reality show about baking cakes. This fad cannot end soon enough. I guess those stupid channels like TLC had to fill the airspace with something when the real estate bubble burst and their hundreds of "flip...
  14. Evan!

    Five Star 5.2 Stabilizer: Obsolete?

    Not obsolete in a general sense of the product, just wondering how much it affects your brewing water chemistry, and how. I'm finally getting into adjusting my chemistry with salts and minerals, and I've dialed in my numbers, for instance, for a Helles Bock by adding 1.5gm of calcium chloride...
  15. Evan!

    Scale for Water Salts/Minerals: Blade?

    After finally calling the local water authority, talking to the guy in the lab and getting him to fax me my actual water report, I'm taking the leap, after almost 3 years of brewing, to real, calculated water adjustments for individual recipes. So yesterday, I was messing with JP's mash...
  16. Evan!

    Obama Drastically Scales Back Goals For America

    After visiting Denny's.
  17. Evan!

    In Soviet Russia, Goat-ass F*cks YOU!

    When I got home on Thursday afternoon, I found that the new laminate floor that we put down in our basement just last year had water under it. Turned out that the water heater, which was in the adjacent mudroom, rusted through and leaked under the wall into the finished space. Obviously, the...
  18. Evan!

    Pictures of Bugs

    Just for your general amusement, here are my 3 bugged batches that I have going right now. The first is the oude kriek that I brewed last August. It's a lambic right now, technically, but I'll add oregon puree cherries in a couple months: Next is my second Flanders Red. I racked the one I...
  19. Evan!

    Brewing Now: Moss Hollow Soured '09

    Just kegged my '08 Flanders Red a couple days ago, so it's time to dump new wort on those bugs. Mashed in right now. Drinking a pint of the '08 Soured. It's sunny, low 70's, no humidity. What could be better?