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  1. Bensiff

    Washington Square D 30 amp GFCI

    I have a used Square D 30 amp Homeline GFCI breaker I used for brewing in my last house that I want to sell as my current house has an Eaton panel. I can't find any used ones to compare prices against; but, Amazon wants $106 for a new one. I'm thinking around $65 + $13.60 for a medium USPS...
  2. Bensiff

    6 AWG terminal for SSRs?

    What terminal ends are people using to connect their 80 amp SSRs on their 50 amp panels? I'm not seeing a lot out there for 6 AWG that are not automotive and I don't care to screw down bare wire into the SSRs unless I have too.
  3. Bensiff

    Fining Lacto

    Doing a lacto starter now and don't want to wait for it to settle, don't want to expedite things with tossing it in the fridge, and I don't want to pour the entire starter into my beer. Has anyone used any fining agents with success?
  4. Bensiff

    Bcs 462 pid

    I see that it has 6 PWM/PID but 8 temp sensor inputs. Can the other two temp sensors be linked to outputs for basic on/off control or are they only capable of passive monitoring of temp?
  5. Bensiff

    BCS 462 grounding

    I've read many times to ground the BCS controller to AC ground. Is this to mean the AC ground and DC negative are common and can share the same rail, or is this grounding the BCS controllers chassis to AC ground and keeping DC negative isolated?
  6. Bensiff

    12V DC panel mount connector

    Any recommendations on panel mount connectors so I can plug in the cord from 12V DC motorized ball valves?
  7. Bensiff

    120v 20amp switch

    I'm building a BCS controller powered with 120v 20 amp. I'm trying to figure out what sort of switch to use to turn on the main power. I can't find a switch that handles 20 amps so that means I need something like a relay but I can't find a 110v 20 amp relay. Any thoughts on what would be the...
  8. Bensiff

    BCS-462 glycol fermentation control diagram

    I'm working on building a fermentation control system with a BCS-462, AC driven glycol bath, 12v motorized ball valves, and a Fermwrap for the cold months. I have looked to find a diagram for this sort of design to no avail. If anyone can point me to one that would be great. This is still in...
  9. Bensiff

    Almost an Electric Fire!

    By luck I opened my version of a Kal clone to see something with the wiring and was shocked to see one of the legs of the 220 wire and terminal had cooked pretty solidly. It's on a 30 amp gfci, the elements have a selector switch so there is no way for the system to draw over 30 amps, 10 gauge...
  10. Bensiff

    Dual zone conicals

    Can anyone explain how dual zone conicals work?
  11. Bensiff

    100% brett lambicus ?

    I'm running an experiment with brett. Multiple one gallon batches of 100% brett to see what the different commercial strains taste like. I got two Wyeast and four (well three considering brett trois is now known to be a sacc) White Labs strains. I did starters on the WL due to their cell count...
  12. Bensiff

    Is kettle caramelization bull?

    I always hear about it. When it comes to Scottish/Scotch ales it seems almost doctrine that it will have kettle caramelization in its flavor profile. Greg Noonan says it's so in Scotch Ales. People go to great lengths to replicate this by boiling some of their first runnings down. Here is my...
  13. Bensiff

    Thoughts on saving a BW with bugs

    I had an English BW 1.093 crap out on me at 1.031 and its a little too sweet for me. At 8.1 ABV and 50 IBUs can I do anything to try and resurrect it? Would brett have way too much funk with that much sugar to play with or is it a matter of selecting the right strain? Recommendations? Any pedio...
  14. Bensiff

    Dead Mickey, do I tell them?

    I converted my 20 gallon Stout to be capable of fermenting, so I had a long blowoff tube running down to a 5 gallon bucket with leftover starsan from the brew. Upon post fermentation cleanup I discovered a mouse had decided to take a swim in the sanitation bucket and met his end. Oh well, not...
  15. Bensiff

    Barrel stand for 10 and 15 gallon barrels

    Finally got done building my barrel stand that can accommodate both 10 and 15 gallon barrels. I used casters to support the barrels so I can easily rotate for cleaning and built it into an upper and lower section in case I ever find the need for such modularity. A little Simple Green to...
  16. Bensiff

    Fastest to ropey?

    Brewed a beer a month ago which got wyeast lambic blend and some bottle dregs. I haven't bothered much with fermentation control so it's been averaging low 70s. Anyway went to do the first gravity reading to see where the sacc got it down to and found it to be ropey but otherwise had a very...
  17. Bensiff

    Lid latch for kettle help

    I have a 20 gallon stout kettle: https://conical-fermenter.com/30-Gallon-Brew-Kettle-with-a-Thermowell-Tangential-Inlet-and-Sight-Glass.html which is great except for the fact that when the weather cools down my entire garage becomes heavily clouded to the point I start getting dripped on. My...
  18. Bensiff

    Cheddar cracked while drying

    Finally got a cheesy press so made a 2 gallon batch of cheddar using non-homogenized low temp Pasteurized milk. I was able to hold the temps solidly through most of the process. However, it may have cooled down a bit while draining and consolidating the curd before beginning the cheddaring...
  19. Bensiff

    Calibration thermometer?

    Any thoughts on a calibrated thermometer to calibrate my PIDs that doesn't cost a $100 like the thermowork? Or should I ice water bath them as recommended by auber?
  20. Bensiff

    Passivating stainless with citric acid

    I want to passivate my new kettles with citric acid but can't find the information to do so. Anyone know a procedure for this?