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  1. ian

    Hefeweizen Yeast Selection Experiment

    Great write up! I recently brewed a hefeweizen with WB-06. It came out tasty, but much more tart than anything else. Seems to be the predominant opinion for the yeast. I may have to try WLP 380 next!
  2. ian

    Climbing Gravity-Taking a High Gravity Beer From Grain To Glass

    I went on a tour of Avery brewery where most of the beer they brew is 12-18% ABV. I asked them how they got such a high alcohol content without killing the yeast. They said to just continue adding healthy yeast at several points during fermentation (starting, 5 days in, 10, etc until it is...
  3. ian

    Serving Nitro Beers Correctly

    Nice article. This is exactly what I found after doing hours of extensive research and then trying stuff myself. The keys to nitro are definitely: 1. Carbonate at 4-5psi 2. Use beer gas @25-30psi to push the beer 3. Get a stout faucet Without these things you will not get a perfect nitro pour.
  4. ian

    Correctly Rehydrating Dry Yeast

    This is good, but seems overly complex. Just pour the yeast in into warm water, wait 20-30 min and put it into the cooled wort... The directions on the back of the package of yeast are sufficient. I don't know why you would boil and cool the water, if you pitch a whole package of yeast it's...
  5. ian

    Keeping Up With Trends: The New England IPA

    Can you give starting and finishing gravity and IBUs of your recipe? It makes it easier to match if I'm doing a different batch size. Also an NE IPA sounds really good, I'm going to have to see if I can find one in the northwest of the country (Washington state).
  6. ian

    Brewing with Chocolate, Methods and Process

    Thanks for all the detail. I have always added my cocoa powder in the secondary and had great results. I use a lot more than 3TBS though. I used 6-8oz and it turned out great in a chocolate milk stout and a chocolate hazelnut stout I made just last year. I once tried it with only 2oz and I...
  7. ian

    Which is Right for You? BIAB or Extract

    I have been brewing extract for 5 yrs and done over 75 batches. I appreciate you discussing the differences between all grain and extract, and there are times I wish I could do all grain brewing. I do have some different experiences than you have had. Based on several of my friends who have...
  8. ian

    Large Giveaway - Fermenter, Mash Paddles, Thermapen

    Haven't been around here in a while and plan on getting back into the community. registered on CityProfile, username: ian
  9. ian

    I hate all grain.....

    Hating all-grain after one stuck sparge? It was only a minor inconvenience right? I'm sure that you'll hardly ever have one again. And you're probably right about the milling being too fine.
  10. ian

    Stout tap and beergas question

    Sorry, never tasted a sweaty goat before.
  11. ian

    Stout tap and beergas question

    Just as an update, upping the pressure seems to have worked like a charm. But, now I have another question. This beer has a tart, "green" taste to it. I've encountered this before in other brews of mine and have chalked it up to a slight lactobacillus(sp) infection. Does anyone think that this...
  12. ian

    Stout tap and beergas question

    Bikebryan, yes it is a Guiness style stout tap. Nate, thanks I didn't know about the pressure. I'll crank it up. Hopefully that solves it!
  13. ian

    Stout tap and beergas question

    Hey Guys, Last Sunday (Dec. 17) I kegged my first AG stout. Then on Friday (Dec 22) I put that Stout on beergas and hooked it up to a Guiness style stout tap. My problem is that even today (Dec 27) I still have none of the nitrogen type effect on the beer. What i mean is that its still flat and...
  14. ian

    VOTE: Shirt Design

    That's OK, I kinda thought it looked too much like candy corn myself :) I agree about Brewpastor's quote. And doubly as he's now a worldwide celebrity.
  15. ian

    Help from the Photoshop guru's...again

    quick one from me
  16. 1605-ESCANABAVHS-edit


  17. ian

    Bubble Groups in Secondary?

    No kidding! I bet every person in this forum has posted about that (myself included!). Man, we're a bunch or worry worts (pun).
  18. ian

    Fiddups "Watering" Hole

    Very, very nice.
  19. 1605-bluewine


  20. ian

    Any coolers that fit a 5g keg?

    Yep, that is very cool. I wonder what his price ended up being. Jimi, did anyone ever tell you that you look just like Jerry Garcia?