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  1. Bensiff

    Washington Square D 30 amp GFCI

  2. Bensiff

    Washington Square D 30 amp GFCI

    I have a used Square D 30 amp Homeline GFCI breaker I used for brewing in my last house that I want to sell as my current house has an Eaton panel. I can't find any used ones to compare prices against; but, Amazon wants $106 for a new one. I'm thinking around $65 + $13.60 for a medium USPS...
  3. Bensiff


    If they took your money, have you asked for a refund? If they are holding your money hostage that is an issue and you can contact your credit card company to get some assistance. Yeah the probably need to update their website to reflect reality. On the other side, sounds like they are a new...
  4. Bensiff

    Sour an aged IPA?

    Bad idea...investing the time, money, and fermentation capacity to throw bugs at an already bad beer seems like a lot for a low probability of it turning into something good. Could it end up being good, perhaps; but, better to start with a good beer. It's IBU's will be a definite problem for...
  5. Bensiff

    Peated Barleywine

    I've played around with peat, don't think it much belongs in beer. If it were me I'd venture to mimicking characters of Scotches that were not peated and avoid the Islays as inspiration. I wouldn't think any of the hops you have listed would get you to that Scotch whiskey character. I'd be...
  6. Bensiff


    I could see with that education you'd be a bit more particular about accuracy in your readings too. You probably have a high precision FG hydrometer with the thin whisp of glass...I've broken one of those. Broke a graduated cylinder by dropping my hydrometer into it so now I stick to the...
  7. Bensiff


    I'm not a beer hypochondriac, been doing it far too long and realized most things people get stressed out about in brewing are massively over blown bits of forum group think. If I had to read a hydrometer at a slight angle and was off a point from reality I wouldn't loose any sleep knowing my...
  8. Bensiff


    My hydrometer is 17 years old...I don't drink and brew so my equipment tends to not break ;).
  9. Bensiff


    Or sanitize the hydrometer and put it directly into the beer. Probably a little less oxidation will occur that way too as you aren't pulling a sample and dumping it back in, just gently putting a hydrometer into the fermenter.
  10. Bensiff

    Fermenter advice

    Don't discount the split batch. One of the reasons I go to my Better Bottles and leave my 1/2 bbl conical to collect dust is to split the batch. You can do all sorts of stuff like different yeast strains, different dry hops, fruit, experiment with different pitch rates, oxygen rates, ferment...
  11. Bensiff

    Filtering Before Transferring to Conical

    I think you are too worried about trub getting into the fermenter. Since you have the ability to whirlpool, do the whirlpool for a few minutes, shut it down, wait 20 minutes and then rack off the clear wort. Even if a little gets in to the fermenter its not a big deal. If it is still a...
  12. Bensiff

    Fermenter advice

    A stainless conical does not make better beer than a plastic bucket. They have certain advantages; but, that of making superior beer is not one of them. At the same time, I wouldn't spend extra money on a plastic conical when something like a Better Bottle does a great job. Plastic scratches...
  13. Bensiff

    Fly sparge question

    When you run a HERMS you will be continuously cycling the wort through which will set your grain bed and give you a clear wort. I use 3-way valves so I can run my recirc through the herms coil and then kick over the valve to switch over to sparging. If you seem to be getting a lot of...
  14. Bensiff

    Fly sparge question

    If the intake allows for larger particles to pass through than the sparge apparatus, clogs might happen. Proper design can easily mitigate such occurrences or make it very easy to fix if it does happen.
  15. Bensiff

    Fly sparge question

    I used a slotted copper pipe manifolds for years on various cooler MT's without them ever clogging, so I would imagine if using one for sparging it wouldn't clog either, especially if the slots were larger on the sparge side than the intake side at the bottom of the MT. One thing I did was not...
  16. Bensiff

    Fly sparge question

    I would not worry about splashing from the sparging process in terms of something like HSA, that is pretty much a non thing. Maybe it might cause a little bit of color pick up from what I have read; but, I can't quote anything specific that affirms that. For what its worth, a commercial...
  17. Bensiff

    Foamy then flat

    Somewhere once upon a time on this forum someone did an experiment and found somewhere around 5 weeks to ideal carbonation. But, then again an FG of 1.020 could mean over carbing like others have said. Try checking your gravity on one of the bottles and see if it is still attenuating in the...
  18. Bensiff

    Conical fermenter

    Not rushing the purchase of something that large based on eagerness for the next batch, is my best advice. When I bought 1/2 barrel conical I looked at all the ones on the market at the time and put their features down on a spreadsheet to compare them side by side. If cost were not a...
  19. Bensiff

    Growing Hops in Tacoma

    No experience growing from seeds, generally you grow them from rhizomes. It does stand out to me that you ordered an unknown variety which will make things interesting when it comes time to brew with them. Other than that, if you get some going, they are like weeds. Keep them well watered...
  20. Bensiff

    Help with bottling!!!

    Even in the dry state, that is not a good way to carbonate beer. Perhaps if you measured it by weight and were extremely consistent with fill level. Anyway, not quite following you...First you say two cups of priming sugar, IIRC a five gallon batch needs around 3/4 cup (but, its been ages...