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  1. Corey Fish

    Keg and serve cider at room temp help

    Hi there! No room for a kegerator and I have 5-10 gallons of hard cider from this years apples that didn’t come out super great. I’m planning on adding tannin, acid, stabilizing and backsweetening followed by first timer kegging. Keg room is 62-64degrees, and I’d like to use either a hand tap...
  2. Corey Fish

    M2 yeast help (Scott Labs)

    So I'm technically making cider and not wine but since I'm using a wine yeast and it's not all that common, I thought I'd post here: I'm doing a rose style cider which I've posted about elsewhere. Here's the process: 7 gallons apple juice, Brix 12 which I chaptalized with 2 pounds turbinado...
  3. Corey Fish

    source for small amount of wine grapes?

    Hi there! I'm planning on a 5 gal batch of apple cider from our apple harvest this year. I'd like to do a pink, "rosé" style cider with primary fermentation on 2-3 pounds of grape skins and some hibiscus petals. I've contacted several people off our local craigslist (we are in Portland, OR)...
  4. Corey Fish

    PNW Cider fall 2018, pics and journal

    Hey there! For those who are interested, I wanted to chronicle our cidermaking from our trees this year. We moved into an old farmhouse (built c. 1900) 4 years ago. Our trees tend to bear every other year, and this is one of our "on" years. We have two trees, that I've identified as Mcintosh...
  5. Corey Fish

    Pink Cider Idea

    Hey there- Apple harvest from our trees is just a few days away and I can barely contain my excitement! I've got a couple ideas for the 10-15 gallons of cider I'm planning to make but I want to do a couple 1 gallon experiment batches. I'm soliciting advice for this one, so here goes: 60%...
  6. Corey Fish

    Corking Belgian Bottles With A Hand Corker

    Hi there- I know there's been some info on this subject but after bottling my Perry in 750mL belgian style bottles and belgian corks with a hand corker, I thought I would share my experience in case it helps. My Belgian corks were 25mm in diameter and are of the agglomerated variety. I...
  7. Corey Fish

    Pear Port Wine Fortifier Suggestions

    Hi there! Looking for suggestions for my quick and dirty pear port I'm brewing. Recipe: 6 pounds of pears, cored and mashed in a mesh bag Sugar, (1 part white, 2 parts light brown, 1/2 part dark molasses) to kick the initial brix to 23 Campden Pectic Red Star Premier Blanc Plan is to remove...