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  1. frozennorth

    HBC 520

    Has anyone used this hop? I picked some up at Homebrew Con and am interested in using it, but can find no info on its taste profile. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. frozennorth

    Keg posts

    I recently got four used kegs. The problem is I have no idea how to remove these stems. They are not standard by far. Any idea what kind of wrench, socket or tool to use to get these off and replace them with standard posts? Than you in advance.
  3. frozennorth


    I recently brewed my 6th all grain beer and have had issues with low efficiency. After research every aspect of my brewing, I have found the culprit. My lack of knowledge brewing all grain led me to use distilled water. My next batch I am going to use spring water. At this time I do not have the...
  4. frozennorth

    Fourth all grain brew

    The first one turned out horrible, but it was a new yeast. The second one got a bad crush, but is a tasty table saison. The third is one week in the fermenter, a DIPA, is still chugging away. Today I brewed an ESB that I pitched Nottingham into, first time for this yeast. The process is going...
  5. frozennorth


    I recently got this as a gift from a friend, but it was cold. I have kept it in the beer fridge for the last few weeks, but would like to cellar it. Would it be okay to take it out of the fridge and store it at 55 degrees? Or, will it age in the fridge? My fear is off flavors from going from...
  6. frozennorth


    I am helping judge at a local competition this weekend and am a bit worried about what to expect. I have studied and tried listed examples of each beer in the comp. perhaps having a nice home brew will chill me out. Any pointers from anyone?
  7. frozennorth

    Not homegrown, but wild...

    I was given some wild hops by a friend that picked them outside of Portland last year. Tomorrow I am brewing a Pale Ale and thought that this might be the time to give them a shot. I have no idea what kind of hops they are. There is a hint of fruitiness, mixed with an Earthiness. The brown on...
  8. frozennorth

    Saved it?

    At the end of my brew day I was excited to use my new coil chiller. So excited in fact that I forgot my late LME addition, the bulk of the LME. I did not realize my mistake until the carboy was in the fermentation chamber and went to clean. My spur of the moment solution was to boil the...
  9. frozennorth

    LHBS Issues

    My local store, the only dedicated brewing supply store in town, is completely out of LME and DME. I am trying to be a good customer and not go to the liquor store that also sells supplies, but it is getting hard. If they would concentrate on brewing supplies and not on kitschy crap, they would...
  10. frozennorth

    Denver Breweries

    The family and I are heading to Denver in July and I am looking to try some new beers. I see that there are many breweries to choose from. Any recommendations on what not to miss? The wife and I will be in Breckenridge for four days and am looking forward to hitting the breweries up there as...
  11. frozennorth

    Big Brew

    Next weekend is the AHA Big Brew and the day of our local spring meeting of the Zymurgist Borealis here in Fairbanks. There was talk last Fall about doing a Big Brew, but there does not seem to be a lot of interest. My issue is that we always meet at a local campground for our meetings, with no...
  12. frozennorth

    Brewing again, finally

    After a few weeks of -20 and colder, down to -45, it has warmed up to the mid 20s. The propane will work again, finally, and I am brewing a ginger saison tomorrow. Very excited!!
  13. frozennorth

    Beer Freezing

    Just an FYI, beer freezes rather fast at -25. IPA slushy it is. It only took 25 min.
  14. frozennorth

    Growlers over filled

    My local growler bar establishment always fills the growlers to the top. Due to the overfill I often watch precious beer being wasted down the drain while they fill. Then when I get home with my glorious beer, there is a special pour required, moving the glass to the growler, to avoid any...
  15. frozennorth

    I won, I never win...

    My LHBS had a contest on FB and I won a Dundalk Irish Heavy kit. I grabbed a pack of S-04, as they did not have the prescribed yeast. This is my first time using a kit. Would anyone add and/or subtract anything?
  16. frozennorth

    Freezing propane

    Yesterday I brewed a cascade/citra IPA when it was -17. All started well, grains were steeping and then I started to get a smaller flame. The ought the boil I had to shake the propane bottle almost constantly, which is no fun at -17. Does anyone know of a way to keep propane from freezing? I...
  17. frozennorth


    I know, when using extract, that efficiency is pretty well spelled out. You use this much LME or DME and you will get this OG and this FG. Yet, I have seen my efficiency go through the roof on my last two batches. Last night I bottled a ginger saison that I assumed would go down to 1.014, but it...
  18. frozennorth

    HBT App

    I am wondering if anyone else is having issues with the app or just me. I downloaded the app update and now it crashes every time I try to open a thread. This could be due to the fact that I have an iPhone 3 and not one of the newer, fancy models. Anyone else having these issues?
  19. frozennorth


    I am taking the afternoon off to make a Cascade DIPA, in the 10 ABV range. This will be my first time using US-05. I was planning on pitching 18 grams. Should I just pitch two packs and call it good? If need be, I am going to pitch some champaign yeast to finish it.
  20. frozennorth

    Green beer

    Yesterday I brewed a English IPA, my first and maybe last sober brew. When the boil was finished I added my flame out hop addition and went about getting an ice bath together. About 7 min later I looked behind me to see my flameout addition LME, all 6.6 lbs of it. In a frantic moment I restarted...