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  1. Dr. Francois

    Carafoam is Fermentable

    I did an experiment to determine if Carafoam really just adds non-fermentable body-building dextrines or if it fully fermentable. Recipe: 6 lbs (60%) Rahr 2 Row 4 lbs (40%) Weyermann Carafoam Mashed-in to rest at 153 for 45 minutes. Mash-out at 170. 60 minute boil. Four hop additions at...
  2. Dr. Francois

    In-Line Regulator for Stout/Porter Tap

    My current kegging setup is a 25lb tank outside the fridge, regulator, hose through bulkhead into fridge, then a 3-way manifold. Fridge maintains about 37F. I have three taps. One is dedicated to sparkling water (seltzer). Another is always pouring some kind of porter. The third is the...
  3. Dr. Francois

    Fitting Help: 1/4" FFL to 1/2" barb

    I'm trying to create a shortcut device that takes primed, still beer from a keg and adapts to a 1/2" (large diameter) bottling wand. Essentially, I'd like to use my keg as a bottling bucket. The design I have in mind would also work with a racking cane to transfer beer to a keg in a closed...
  4. Dr. Francois

    IPA Hop Schedule: Cleaning Out the Freezer

    I don't normally brew IPAs, but I'm doing one with a friend. I have lots of hops in the freezer, but I'd like some guidance on a hop schedule for an American IPA with an OG of 1.060. Here are the IPA-Style hops I have on hand: 2 oz Apollo 6 oz CTZ (Perhaps go all CTZ?) 4 oz Summit 2 oz...
  5. Dr. Francois

    10 Gallon Mash Tun Pricing

    Hello, I have a fully assembled 10 gallon Home Depot rubbermaid cooler mash tun with an all-stainless bulkhead and ball valve and braided screen from BargainFittings. I've decided that this setup isn't for me, and I'd like to sell it on craigslist. I can't, however, decide on a fair...
  6. Dr. Francois

    Session Brown Recipe Hop Help

    I've been working on a session house ale for a while. I've figured out my grain bill: 3 lbs Light DME 1 lb 2 row 8 oz Fawcett Crystal 25L 8 oz Fawcett Pale Chocolate 215L 8 oz Maltodextrin Ferment with Notty or S-23, 58F This gets me an OG around 1.035, just where I want it...
  7. Dr. Francois

    Experience with Pale Chocolate and Chocolate Rye?

    I'm wondering if anyone has actual, hands-on experience with Pale Chocolate (Fawcett) or Chocolate Rye (Weyermann). My original plan for the recipe below was to use the Pale Chocolate, but LHBS is out for a while, and I do have access to Choc. Rye. I'm brewing a small beer (OG 1.035) with a...
  8. Dr. Francois

    Historical Purpose of Whitbread Dry?

    Does anyone know the historical, primary function of the Whitbread Dry strain? (WLP007, WY1098, S-04) I assume the "regular" Whitbread (WY1099) was the workhorse of the brewery. Were there specific styles in which the "dry" strain was employed?
  9. Dr. Francois

    Water for Brown Porter, Advice

    Hello, I'm planning a batch of Brown Porter in the next few weeks. I'm wondering if any experts or nice novices would offer opinions about my brewing water and if it needs adjustment. I'm not salt-happy; I'd rather do nothing. But if something in my water profile indicates that I'm not...
  10. Dr. Francois

    Advice sought on making wine from fresh must

    I signed up for 6 gallons of fresh Chilean Cabernet Franc juice. It will arrive on Friday, packed in a bucket and refrigerated. It is non-concentrated (i.e. straight from the press to the bucket, with a little chemistry in between). This is the first wine I've attempted aside from cider...
  11. Dr. Francois

    Shelf life of diluted Starsan and Iodophor

    I've been looking in the archives for a while, but I haven't found an answer to this specific question. I have bottles of both Starsan and Iodophor. What is the shelf life of diluted Iodophor? What is the shelf life of diluted Starsan? I like to keep some extra sanitizer around in...
  12. Dr. Francois

    My no sparge, partial boil, all-grain method

    **Warning: if lack of efficiency makes you twitchy, please stop reading now.** My brewing ambition currently exceeds my brewing equipment. I have been an extract brewer for over two years, but I got tired of the limited options for base malts; I wanted to try some Maris Otter. Moreover...
  13. Dr. Francois

    Porter from 50% Brown Malt?

    I did some light reading on historical brown porters. I'm wondering what my result would be if I did one of the historic recipes and did a grist of 50% Maris Otter and 50% English Brown Malt, say 4.5lbs of each for a 5 gallon recipe? Would it be any good? Did we make Porter more complex...
  14. Dr. Francois

    Dark Horse Perkulator Coffee Dopplebock Clone

    Dark Horse Perkulator Dopplebock is one of my favorite beers. It's got this amazing chocolate chip cookie and espresso thing going on. Any ideas on how to clone it? The label is pretty cool, too: Description from Dark Horse: This is a true dopplebock and Dark Horse Brewing's only...
  15. Dr. Francois

    Hop Additions for British Pale Ale

    I'm planning to make a British pale ale for a friend. I have my ingredients picked out, but I'm debating about hops for the flavor and aroma additions. Here's what I have so far: Steeping Grains: 1 lb Crystal 60 1/4 lb Victory Malt 1/4 lb Biscuit Malt 1 Tablespoon Gypsum...
  16. Dr. Francois

    Coffee Airpot as Make-Shift Draft System?

    I spend too much time in coffee shops. I was looking at the insulated airpots many coffee shops use to dispense drip coffee, like this one: I don't have the resources for home kegging yet, but I would like a solution for parties and gatherings. The pots hold about 2.2 liters, so I was...
  17. Dr. Francois

    Pre-Steep Grains?

    So, I was thinking...if I have a few hours free, but not enough time to do a full batch, could I steep my specialty grains and store the strained liquid until brew-day? How long would steeped liquid last in the fridge without losing flavor? Thoughts?