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  1. TVarmy

    Label Removal Thread

    I have a batch in Oxyclean. If they're not better by tomorrow with a scrubber, I'm giving up and just bottling with the label still on. It won't be classy, but it's homemade. Next time, I'll specifically ask for no Heinekins. I now consider them one of the bad labels. FWIW, Sierra Nevada...
  2. TVarmy

    Label Removal Thread

    Ugh, I just got a couple bags of empty Heinekins on Craigslist, not realizing what a PITA plastic labels are. I peeled the labels off one by one for one bag after soaking in hot water, which was okay, but now the glue is still there. It's really sticky, as in so sticky I'll pick up one bottle...
  3. TVarmy

    Politicians that brew?

    Well, I dunno about brewing, but Michael Jackson did a lot to make craft beer mainstream...
  4. TVarmy

    An old school how-to for hydrometer testing

    Did they change that 1/2 of one per cent law? Because I think a few of my homebrewed beverages have gone past that... I'm gonna go dump some bottles in the toilet...
  5. TVarmy

    An old school how-to for hydrometer testing

    This is sad. We're about 10 inches away from medical tricorders (GOOGLE LAB ON A CHIP, SHEEPLE!), but the best solution for homebrew is a $60 gizmo or a glass tube that breaks if you look at it funny. Anyone have at least a favorite brand or variety of hydrometer? My $7 one from the LHBS has...
  6. TVarmy

    How many gallons of EdWort's Haus Pale Ale have been made?

    5 AG gallons boiling right now! Thank you so much, EdWort! 2976
  7. TVarmy

    Blood Orange Hefeweizen

    I haven't made this recipe, but I did make a hefeweizen recently. They do tend to keep their krausens for a long time because of all the protein in the wheat. That's a good thing. That's why wheat beers have thick heads.:mug:
  8. TVarmy

    The greatest beer of all time...

    Is Pabst Blue Ribbon. All you haters...(NSFW)
  9. TVarmy

    Label Removal Thread

    Jake, I'd suggest she try very hot water and see if it comes off in about an hour. If that doesn't work, baking soda might work, but it's alkaline like Oxyclean, so maybe the red ink is soluble in alkaline chemicals.
  10. TVarmy

    Does anyone make Competition-winning brews from Tap Water?

    I'm in Central Jersey (water from a utility in Elizabeth). My water is pretty hard. It will leave a mineral stain if you don't wipe it up.
  11. TVarmy

    Does anyone make Competition-winning brews from Tap Water?

    I'm thinking about switching from spring water (cheapest generic from my grocery store) to tap water dechlorinated via campden tablets, to save some money and be a bit more environmentally friendly. I'm in Central NJ in a fairly new house, and I think my water's perfectly fine, but I'm a new...
  12. TVarmy

    Brewing w/ no grains?

    I did it for my first brew, and it got rave reviews. If my next one (which did have grains) comes out worse, I think I'm going to cry, though.
  13. TVarmy

    National Homebrew Day May 1........

    I'm thinking I might give Edwort's Haus Pale Ale a shot.
  14. TVarmy

    Lady Gag'ale Hefeweizen

    To be honest, I wasn't trying to emphasize the "gag," but whatever makes you feel better.:fro:
  15. TVarmy

    Homeopathic Beer?!

    I make homeopathic beer by taking a milligram of caffeine and dropping into five gallons of spring water. Then I carefully success the carboy (CAREFUL ON THIS STEP!) and bottle. It's strong stuff!
  16. TVarmy

    Brewery names--what's your story?

    Zorillo Brewery: Spanish for skunk. So that I jinx my hops. ;)
  17. TVarmy

    Lady Gag'ale Hefeweizen

    All the details are because it's for my college buds, who aren't so familiar with homebrews.
  18. TVarmy

    Lady Gag'ale Hefeweizen

    This is the reason why homebrewers should be at least 25... I'm so sorry everyone.:( My first label for my first brew.
  19. TVarmy

    Samuel Adams

    If they really loved homebrewers, they'd take off the Sam Adams signature on the glass of the bottle, so that they'd be competition-ready bottles. /Not really that petty, just hoping Jim Koch is reading this thread and will take my suggestion to heart.
  20. TVarmy

    Louis Pasteur

    For my college French course, I need to do a project on a famous French person. I choose the father of modern biology, Louis Pasteur. I've heard him called the father of modern zymurgy, so I was wondering if anyone had any sources about Pasteur's relation to brewing. I hate to ask you guys...