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  1. chigundo

    Connecticut Blichmann TopTier burners

    Two available: with legs $125. Without: $100. West Hartford, CT
  2. chigundo

    Connecticut Grainfather conical $550

  3. chigundo

    Connecticut Grainfather conical $550

    Never opened conical with the digital temp and dual valve. I impulsed bought this and changed my mind. Cheaper to sell for what I paid than return shipping.
  4. chigundo


    Conical is $530. Who's getting one?
  5. chigundo

    New Grainfather Conical Fermenter

    $530 for base unit.
  6. chigundo

    Connecticut Blichmann ToP has module & burner

    Price drop
  7. chigundo

    Connecticut Blichmann ToP has module & burner

    $500 pickup
  8. chigundo

    Illinois Grainfather stuff

    Did you get a different cooler? Why not use what came with it?
  9. chigundo

    Connecticut Moving, need to downsize... unfortunately

    How did you mount burners to this?
  10. chigundo


    I don't have any place inside that has exhaust and the smell of delicious wort is only pleasurable to me and not the other house guests.
  11. chigundo


    Always brewed outside, which I like.. the selling point for me with the Grainfather is everything else about.
  12. chigundo


    How do you folks think this would perform brewing outside on a patio in Connecticut winter?
  13. chigundo

    Blichmann BrewEasy

    The Chapman insulated MT will have an autosparge, and instead of an orifice, I'll throttle the flow from the MT via a ball valve. The MT will enter the BK via that connection at the top of the BK, which is shown in 2nd pic. Do you think this will work? It'll be gas fired using a TOP.
  14. chigundo

    Blichmann BrewEasy

    Thinking about running this as a breweasy clone.
  15. chigundo

    Blichmann BrewEasy

    I still don't understand why you need the rims rocket with your setup. Why not just use the autosparge and the TOP to handle everything?
  16. chigundo

    Couple items for sale