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  1. EZFrag

    Having troubles...need advice

    Hi. Bought a stout kit early in the week in hopes of getting it before the weekend. They didn't ship it fast and it sat all weekend in transit. I bought liquid yeast with a cold pack and was afraid it killed all my yeast. I brewed, and it looked like the yeast in bag inside of the sealed bag...
  2. EZFrag

    Question about yeast

    i bought a milk stout extract kit from Austin Homebrew. Same kit that I had brewed in April, and I wanted to do it again. Without thinking, I hit the reorder button. Well, temperatures were milder in April, and both time I bought Wyeast with a cold pack. When I opened the kit today, the cold...
  3. EZFrag

    Looking for a particle Clone extract kit

    Any at all?
  4. EZFrag

    Looking for a particle Clone extract kit

    I recently went to Orlando to Universal. I had a beer named Too Stout from the Chocolate Emporium. I think it is actually the Florida Brewing Company’s Too Chocolate Stout. I am looking for an extract clone of this. Any Recommendations?
  5. EZFrag

    Looking for Recipe

    Anyone have a recipe that might be close?
  6. EZFrag

    Need help with temperature controller for my fermentation chamber

    Yeah...that looks good, but for a keezer, wouldn't I need one with two outlets. One for the fridge, 1 for the heat (light bulb)?
  7. EZFrag

    Need help with temperature controller for my fermentation chamber

    Hey. When i first built my fermentation chamber, there was a video that I found of someone wiring an Auberins temperature controller into an extension cord. You could set it to switch power to your refrigerator off and on depending on temperature. And i had a light bulb inside that would cut...
  8. EZFrag

    Any NOLA home brewers? Looking for recipe for Chafunkta Old 504 Porter

    Recently had a weekend in NOLA. Ate at Meril's and sampled Chafunkta Old 504 Porter there. Could not find it in any stores that I was close to while there. I emailed the brewery in Mandeville asking for recipe, but got no response. Anyone know or have a recipe for this beer? Anyone from...
  9. EZFrag

    Looking for Recipe

    I emailed them. Waited patiently. Have not heard anything.
  10. EZFrag

    Looking for Recipe

    Hey guys. Recently at in New Orleans at the new Emeril's restaurant called Meril"s. There I tried a local beer from the Chafunkta brewing company called Chafunkta Old 504 Porter. It was a coffee and vanilla infused porter and was delicious. I would love to make this. Anyone else hear about...
  11. EZFrag

    Abita Vanilla Turbodog

    How many vannilla beans should you put in the secondary fermenter of a 5 gallon brew?
  12. EZFrag

    Need Help With Brewing Accident

    Was brewing a chocolate stout. When I was done, I realized the temperature controller was out in my fermenter in my shop. So I brought it in the house. On the second night, the water seal blew. Now, here is my problem that I need help with. Some of the black/brown wort got on the plaster...
  13. EZFrag

    Blueberry Cream Ale idea

    addition of malt might add some creaminess.
  14. EZFrag

    Looking for good low carb recipe

    Hi. Love my home brewing. Love the good flavored beers. My favorite beers is my double chocolate stout in the fall.....Clone of the Great Dane's Crop Circle Wheat. Time has not been kind to me and I have been gaining weight. I have recently started a low carb diet. Only beers I have been...
  15. EZFrag

    Has anyone seen this?

    New Belgium and Ben and Jerry's Salted Caramel Brownie Brown Ale Beer. If so, how was it. Anyone heard of a recipe for it? Just sounds delicious. https://gma.yahoo.com/ben-jerrys-making-salted-caramel-brownie-brown-ale-181250521--abc-news-Recipes.html
  16. EZFrag

    Faucets keep sticking.

    My faucets on my keezer keep sticking. I want to change them out. I heard to buy perlick. Is there a particular that is better than others with not sticking?
  17. EZFrag

    Smaller Extract Kits

    I have been making 5 gallon brews. I have 2 pulls on my keezer and 10 gallons of beer is just too much for me. I have been wasting good beer. I was wondering if anyone has recipes or extract kits for smaller brews? 1 or 2.5 gallon brews? Thanks for your input.
  18. EZFrag

    Extract brew off flavors

    I do use my tap water. I had read that the bottled spring water, depending on the brands, are filtered where so much of the minerals have been taken out. So, I decided to go with the tap.
  19. EZFrag

    Draft pulls

    What about your pulls? I have to replace the one a bought. I have 2 faucets, so for them to match, I'll need to buy 2. Unless, I replace the cheap black plastic one that came with the faucet. I would like to build one. Anyone got plans?
  20. EZFrag

    Draft pulls

    I had a valve in my Keezer stick. I actually broke a pull when trying to unstick it. I started to look at buying a pull, but couldn't find any that I like that was affordable. What do you guys have? Where did you buy? Any plans for making your own?