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  1. WinterWarlock

    Diptube screen with 300 micron mesh from US Seller?

    I'm looking to purchase something like this: https://www.ontariobeerkegs.com/S_S_Mesh_Keg_Dip_Tube_Filter_Screen_3_8_p/mesh-filter-3-8.htm Unfortunately it seems the diptube screens from US homebrew shops I've seen online carry this product instead, which appears to have significantly larger...
  2. WinterWarlock

    Raising bicarbonate content for Brown Ale

    I'm brewing a brown ale and I'm looking to to adjust my water to resemble the Brewers Friend London profile, as my source water does not contain sufficient bicarbonate. To treat 15.5 gallons of liquor, I've calculated the following additions to get in the ballpark: 3.95 grams Gypsum, 1.94 grams...
  3. WinterWarlock

    Alkalinity Question

    I'm looking for some clarification regarding the carbonate and/or bicarbonate content of my water. For some reason the water report provided by my local water district shows a value for CaCO3 ppm, but does not contain any info about HCO3 ppm. Is that normal practice for municipal water reports...
  4. WinterWarlock

    Sodium Percarbonate or 85% Alchohol for degreasing skateboard bearings?

    Finally getting around to cleaning my skateboard bearings and I need the guidance of the homebrewtalk forum. Though this is not beer related, I have a hunch some of y'all know a thing or two about cleaning bearings. I understand acetone is the way to go for degreasing, but I've decided to use...
  5. WinterWarlock

    Robobrew Scorching

    I encountered some serious scorching on my Robobrew recently and I'm looking for suggestions on how to avoid this issue. I'm using the pumpless version. Haven't had this issue in the past, so I'm trying to identify what I did differently this time around. Oddly enough, I lined the malt pipe...
  6. WinterWarlock

    Yeast Nutrient Quantities

    So the LD Carlson yeast nutrient (containing diamonium phosphate and urea) suggests using 1 tsp. per gallon of must. I noticed MoreBeer sells straight DAP and they are recommending 1/2 tsp per 5 gallons. That's a serious difference for what I'm assuming is a pretty similar product. Should I...
  7. WinterWarlock

    Jockey Box Trouble

    Having some issues with the jockey box I put together. As you can see, I've opted to connect everything with tubing and hoseclamps, however, I'm finding that after a few days the tubing inevitably slips off the coil. The barb connction is solid, fortunately. I've cranked the hoseclamps down...
  8. WinterWarlock

    Grodziskie/Gratzer Water Profile

    I'm getting ready to brew a Grodziskie (6 gallon batch) and I can't help but notice my residual alkalinity is coming in at -291, a value that doesn't seem desirable. I've added just enough salts to meet the minimum recommended ppm for calcium, etc. I've also added 6 ml of lactic acid to the drop...
  9. WinterWarlock

    Jockey Box Advice

    So I got all the compoenets together for my jockey box build and it appears the coil is quite snug. It looks like I'm going to have to either bend the coil a bit to make it work (not sure if that's possible with stainless coils) or perhaps I should get a few tailpieces to attach to the shanks...
  10. WinterWarlock

    Jockey Box Questions

    I'm doing some research before I build a jockey box and I'm curious if anyone can offer advice on the following considerations: 1. Coil Length: I'm thinking either 50ft of 5/16 or 50 ft of 3/8 stainless steel tubing. Would the 3/8 be much different in terms of cooling capacity? Will either size...
  11. WinterWarlock

    Invert Sugar Oven Technique - Lid Or no lid?

    After a difficult attempt making invert syrup on the stove, I've decided to pursue the oven technique. The plan is to bring my water to a boil on the stove, dissolve the sugar, then add the hot sugar solution to a baking dish and put in the oven at 240. Should I use a lid on my ceramic baking...
  12. WinterWarlock

    Diastatic power of Canada Malting Co. Superior Oat Malt

    Anyone know how many degrees lintner this malt is? The data sheet on their site doesn't seem to indicate anything about diastatic power. Hopefully it can convert itself. I might get crazy with it and brew a 100% oat beer. I'm thinking Oat Malt and GNO, lager yeast, and possibly Styrian Golding...
  13. WinterWarlock

    Do I need this piece of hardware in between my regulator and co2 tank?

    Dude at the gas refill store said I might be risking a leak if I double up on gaskets, and considering my regulator seems to have a built in gasket, it looks like I'm doubled up. On the other hand, the gasket on my regulator seems pretty crushed. Also, what is that piece of hardware called...
  14. WinterWarlock

    Fittings for Robobrew Chiller

    Has anyone out there successfully added garden hose fittings to the chiller that comes with the Robobrew? I'm assuming the diameter of the stainless tubing is metric. Not sure if it would be doable to solder a copper npt adapter (along with a npt to garden hose adapter) to this stainless...
  15. WinterWarlock

    Robobrew V3 Mash Screen

    Just got a 3rd generation Robobrew (the pumpless version). I'm noticing the mash screen/false bottom did not include a silicone o-ring. Is that only featured on the version with the pump, or did they forget to include it? Seems like the edges of the mash screen are pretty sharp and would put...
  16. WinterWarlock

    Why is my water profile unbalanced?

    BrunWater is telling me to check my inputs because my water report is apparently unbalanced. I entered everything on my report except for bicarbonate, which isn't provided on my water report. Any ideas on why this is?
  17. WinterWarlock

    Ph impact of Brown and Amber Malts

    I'm about to brew Barclay Perkins 1804 TT Porter, which has a high percentage of brown malt, as well as some Amber malt, and I'm pondering what I'm going to do in terms of a water profile. The spreadsheets I'm familiar with don't have a selection for brown or amber malt. I imagine the ph impact...
  18. WinterWarlock

    Purchasing CO2 in the Bay Area

    Finally getting a kegging system together and I'm curious what y'all recommend for sourcing CO2 in the Bay Area. Would I be better off going to Airgas/welding supply or simply hitting up the LHBS? Seems like the welding supply places might be a better deal. Any input is greatly appreciated...
  19. WinterWarlock

    BG14 Burner on an SP10 stand?

    Has anyone out there tried installing the BG14 burner on the SP10 stand? I was initially thinking of upgrading to a KAB6, but if I can get away with using the SP10 stand and simply swapping out the burner for a BG14, that would be pretty rad. Just curious if others have had success with this...
  20. WinterWarlock

    Temperature Swing stressing bottles?

    At what temperature do you think a pbw/one-step/easy-clean solution is too hot for submerging bottles? I've taken a liking to adding a bit of boiling water when mixing up cleaning solution, but I figure it might be hard on the bottles to go from room temp to something like 130-140F. I know...