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    Revisiting Temp Control

    Looking for some advice on what I think might be my next move in temp control... I fermented for a while in a chest freezer with a single stage temp controller taped to the side of the bucket with some insulation around it. My chest freezer was eventually repurposed and I've been fermenting...
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    NHC Solo?

    Considering going to the NHC for the first time this year in Baltimore. Good news is the wife is ok with it. Bad news is that she would have to stay home with the kids and I'd most likely be going solo. Having never been, I'm wondering how that might work out. Any insight from someone who...
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    Brewing all styles?

    I've brewed a good number of the recipes in BCS. That said, I haven't ever brewed a beer I wouldn't personally want to drink 5 or 10 gallons of. Has anyone actually made their way through a book like BCS and brewed everything? And, if so, has it made you a better brewer than you might have...
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    Plastic Off Flavor Help

    I'm getting a fairly consistent plastic off flavor that I can't seem to nail down. It doesn't quite fit in the "medicinal" or "band-aid" descriptors you typically hear. You can smell and, I think, taste it. Although I'm not sure if the smell is just making me think I taste it too. Weird thing...
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    Campden vs Simmering

    So I am a long time homebrewer taking my first shot at cider. My new neighbors have been making it for a few years but they don't know anything about why they are doing anything... And don't care. Just looking to make something really high abv. Hillbillies! Their recipe is add 5 lbs of sugar to...
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    Beer People are Annoying

    I posted this in a different thread but thought I'd start a new one specific to this topic... Uninformed people talking about beer... Slightly informed guy at a brewfest talking about beer... Equally annoying. It's beer. I wish people could just enjoy it and drink what they like. Being a...
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    Such an easy/fun brew day!

    Decided to brew the Blonde recipe from Brewing Classic Styles last minute today. Was watching a 2 year old so decided to just go as lazy as possible. All extract, no starter (2 smack packs of 1056). Steeped some crystal 10 in a 7 gallon boil, added the LME, etc... Called for about 1oz of...
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    Kegging Wine

    My neighbor is making some pretty good red wine. He doesn't brew beer and has no kegging setup, etc. He was looking at my keezer and said it would be cool to have his wine on tap. that got me thinking... What would be the recommended approach in getting red wine on tap? Is there a "standard"...
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    Low Carbonation Beers

    Just racked the dry stout from brewing classic styles to a keg. The recipe says to carb to 1 - 1.5 vols - which is way lower than anything I've brewed so far. According to the carb charts, it seems I would just set the psi around 2 and leave it there. Does that sound right? I suppose I'll...
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    Serving at 18 PSI

    I was able to pick up a keg of The Crisp from Sixpoint. I contacted the brewery and asked how many vols of CO2 were in the beer so that I could serve properly and was only told to serve at 18psi. I currently only use 8' lines. So, assuming some wiggle room for temp (not knowing what temp...
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    2008 Ten Fidy Keg

    So, I was just informed that my beer store has a 5g log of OB Ten Fidy that has been sitting cold since Feb of 2008. They want 179 for it... How do you think that beer would have aged cold for almost 5 years??? Sounds amazing!!! Should I pull the trigger? I trust these guys have taken care...
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    Heady Topper vs. Pliny

    Drinking a Heady Topper for the first time and holy smokes is it good. I've never had Pliny but, with all the talk about it, imagined it tasting something like this. Has anyone had both? Similarities? Differences? Or are they not even close?
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    Hop Substitution Help

    Brewing the Black Butte Porter clone from CYBI today. The recipe calls for... .6 oz Gelena (13%) at 90 .25 of Cascade (5.75%) at 30 .25 of mt hood (5.2%) at 5 I have on hand... 2 oz Cascade (3.2%) 2 oz mt hood (4%) Any recommendations? Or should I just try and match the alpha...
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    First Fruit Beer Success!

    Pressed for time with limited ingredients on hand and wanting to brew, I decided to make an extract batch (with steeping grains, full boil). Brewed a simple wheat beer and fermented it in the low 60s thinking I might hold back some of the banana/clove character. Used a pack of Wyeast 1098...
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    Keezer Temp Stratification. Wow!

    Having foam issues with my new keezer and am pretty sure I have the balance correct. So, decided to test the temps. Placed 1 cup of water on the bottom, 1 cup on the hump, and one at tap level and let sit for 24 hours. Temps were 34, 42, and 51! Guess I need a fan!! Are there any fans I...
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    Commercial Keg too tall to tap

    This might be a new one... Just picked up a log of Sixpoint beer and can't tap it because my tap hits the side of the keg before it is low enough to engage. Any ideas besides grinding down some of the rubber?
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    Just recently got Sixpoint distribution here in CT. I've had Bengali Tiger (IPA), The Crisp(Pils), Sweet Action(cream ale), Resin (DIPA), and Righteous(Rye). Impressed with every one if them. What a great brewery!
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    Green Flash Double Stout

    So we finally have Green Flash distribution here in CT. I've had the Hop Head Red, IPA, and Imperial IPA when traveling west... but never the double stout. Holy smokes this is one fantastic beer. What's up with the "Double Stout" instead of RIS? Who cares I guess. Either way, this goes...
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    A(nother) Foam Question

    So I finally have my keezer going. One homebrew and one commercial on tap at the moment. Regulator PSI is set to 12 on both. Homebrew pours perfectly. The commercial keg fills a glass 2/3 of foam before pouring properly. If I continue to pour immediately after, all beers are fine. But if I...
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    Definitive Keezer Build/Lessons Learned?

    Ready to convert my little 5.2 cf GE with a collar so that I can fit 2 homebrew kegs and one commercial keg. Unfortunately, I'll probably have to stick with the picnic tabs for a while... but I at least want to build the collar so that I can get the C02 outside and make room for the third keg...