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  1. nursedude

    Small Batch in Grainfather - Sparge?

    I’ve done full volume mash’s in my GF in the the past for small batches. I have only calculated a minor hit to efficiency on them. Works well for small batches because you don’t have to worry about the grain +7 gallons of water over filling it during the mash.
  2. nursedude

    Opinions wanted on brewing system choice

    Also, don’t be afraid of gently used equipment. I bought a used grainfather and an updated connect control panel for $400 a couple years ago as my entry to electric brewing. not trying to sway you on brands, just providing the used option.
  3. nursedude

    Black is Beautiful Stout

    Finally popped the top on my first bottle of the HB version from Weathered Souls drop box. I’m pretty happy with how it came out, for 10% it is incredibly easy drinking with a definite coffee roast type flavor to it. I live about 10 miles away from Weathered Souls, the original is definitely...
  4. nursedude

    What I did for beer today

    Brown Ale: Bottled 58 12oz bottles and complained the whole time about needing to get a kegerator. Belgian Quad: Tasted, transferred to secondary, and fined with gelatin. In a few days I guess I'll bottle those as well... It's a vicious cycle!
  5. nursedude

    Unrefrigerated Kegs

    You’ll be fine. Just keep it out of the direct heat. I’ve been known to forget about kegs and leave them out in my bar for a day or so... no noticeable I’ll effects.
  6. nursedude

    Recomendations on buying a first homebrew pump?

    As much as I love the Riptide’s over all performance and form factor, there is a huge safety red flag for me. The purge valve to prime the pump can’t be controlled and gets hot wort all over... it’s an accident waiting to happen. move been surprised to see that the design iteration has stayed...
  7. nursedude

    Add Grainfather Connect control module to T500 version?

    I bought my GF used with the gen 1 controller. I upgraded it to the connect controller. Plug and Play.
  8. nursedude

    Partial mash in Anvil foundry 10.5G

    Do not be afraid of all grain brewing. It really is not any more difficult than extract or partial mash, especially when you have a electronic system like the Foundry that will hold temps for you. That said, your proposed brew day (since you have the stuff already) will work. I would not...
  9. nursedude


    I bought my GF used from a guy who claimed to have about 50 batches through it. In the three years since, I have brewed 56 batches. I have never had an issue with it. It looks practically new and functions perfectly. About a year ago I ended up taking the pump apart to clean it, but that was...
  10. nursedude

    Brewing Shed

    Any updates on this build?
  11. nursedude

    ANOTHER Basement Brewery Build

    Brian, your work is impeccable. really like how your bar came out.
  12. nursedude

    Grainfather W/Connect other equipment - Austin

    Sent a pm, I’m in San Antonio if you’re still interested in selling
  13. nursedude

    My Pub Shed / Electric Brewery Build

    I know this is an old thread but love seeing these kinds of projects. Any word on what happened to this build?
  14. nursedude

    Texas DFW - Selling it all

    Still available?
  15. nursedude

    Does a hobby that generate tangible goods for self-consumption a harm to the economy?

    No you are not... You are directly stimulating your local economy! By trading in beer you free up your recipient to spend cash on other commodities... Tax revenue would be used, but the majority of the population would much rarer just pay the taxes and drink their beer without the trouble! Free...