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  1. H

    Spike Solo - Real Reviews

    I'm looking for reviews of the Spike Solo 240v system from those that have it. I'm looking to getting one and am curious of real-world reviews - not the ones you can find on Youtube where seemingly everything looks great or is only minor annoyances. For reference I brew outside on a...
  2. jdauria

    Upgrade to All Grain with All-In-One

    As for all in one system, I purchased the Foundry this past February and love it. I have brewed all grain for years and moved from cooler systems, to BIAB and now to the Foundry and have not look back since. Before buying, I really wanted the Grainfather, but decided not to spend that much...
  3. S

    Upgrade to All Grain with All-In-One

    Hello, I am looking to upgrade to all-grain brewing with an all-in-one system. I have been doing research and am looking at the Grainfather or Anvil. I have read up and down, contradicting reviews for both. I have the ability right now to brew indoors or in the garage and store the fermenter in...
  4. artichoke

    Confused by new Grainfather App (IOS)

    Hi Grainfather users, I very recently switched from an Android Phone to an iPhone. After several happy brews using the old Android app which was very intuitive and easy to use, I was shocked to find that the new Grainfather app for IOS is completely different and not straight forward to figure...
  5. D


    The extra $100 is for the circulation pump, hose, and flow control clamp.
  6. highland_brewer

    Grainfather G70 in the U.S.

    So I got one in for review.... It is a loaner and I only have 2 weeks with it so I am going to cram as much into the couple weeks as I can. Anything in particular anyone has an interest in seeing? I am trying to find out an MSRP and a release date. I am curious about the boil as well. David...
  7. Knightshade

    Upgrade to All Grain with All-In-One

    Like jdauria, I went w/Anvil for much the same reasons. One thing to consider since you're looking at upgrading to Spike systems is the temp control aspect. If you don't have already have something in mind, utilizing the temp control options w/either of those systems should be considered in...
  8. highland_brewer

    Grainfather G70 in the U.S.

    Just got this one.. I have a B80 and a Brewzilla though.. I recently did a review on the small grainfather system.. lol
  9. _HH_

    Brewzilla v3.1.1 PID mod - worth it?

    Hey team, I’m in the market for a new all in one brewing system. I previously had a Grainfather which I really liked (before the software/app shenanigans rendered it less than useful), but had to get rid of this after moving to the other side of the world. If rather not get another Grainfather...
  10. OG-wan Kenobi


    Looks great but why does the video advertise the price $100 less than the site? I will wait for a few months of reviews but I may be interested in picking one of these up I like it better than the Robobrew, and at half the price of a Grainfather that's attractive, I wonder if you can step mash...
  11. ducati

    Considering upgrade to Blichmann BrewEasy - questions...

    I normally use 10-12 pounds of grain in my 5-gal system. There is plenty of space to increase that, I just prefer that strength of beer. Using the manufacturer's guideline of 2.25 to 2.5 quarts of water per pound of grain, and working through all the losses, I do think this system possibly can...
  12. tcarcieri

    Delta brewing systems ferm tank

    Hey all, I purchased this based on Brian's review from Short Circuit...It's fantastic conical esp at that price point. I own 2 grainfather conicals which are spectacular as well. The one caveat between Delta and GF is that the Delta has no heating option currently (though I did do what Brian...
  13. deadwolfbones

    thoughts on Robobrew equipment

    I've been using it with BIAB for my past few brews, which isn't typical, but I like it a lot. It has its shortcomings (weak boil; mash temp fluctuates a lot, even when insulated) but being able to do everything in one vessel is pretty great. It's basically a cheap/slightly less refined...
  14. lalnx


    I think it is $100 more including the mash re-circulation pump + accessories, by looking at the great fermentation's website .
  15. E

    Going Electric

    In considering price, this is between the RoboBrew and the BrewEasy. From what I read about the reviews, there are several complaints about how Grainfather is arranged. Odd things poking out and so on. That is not a problem for me really and sounds more like noise than anything else. So...
  16. OG-wan Kenobi


    I am keeping a very close eye on this, it would be nice to brew in the garage and have a second batch going in the kitchen, it would save me a lot of time since I usually do 2-3 batches on brew days. I never went with one before because The Grainfather is very expensive for me at least, The M&B...
  17. FswBG

    Electric Homebrew System?

    There are several options to choose from really, each having their pros/cons. First, you may want to decide how much power you have available (120/240) which will help filter down some options for you. I'm currently waiting to see what Spike and SS brewtech come out with for ebiab this winter...
  18. Punx Clever

    Spike Solo - Real Reviews

    Hey! I resemble that remark! I did an unboxing video on mine... had some things not right fresh out of the box. Temp probe missing screws and not fitting the gaskets supplied. Grommet on cable ends not properly seated. I call them minor issues because I had the stuff to fix it really quick...
  19. S

    Spike's upcoming eBIAB system

    I can't remember which video, but I believe its the member on this forum that post reviews stated he might try a 5 gallon batch. I wasn't ever planning on trying a 5 gallon since I'm keeping my Grainfather for 5 gallons and my experimental brews. Plus when I go to the Spike BIAB system, it...
  20. Beer-lord

    RoboBrew, Grainfather or High Gravity Brew System

    Everyone has their own way of brewing so you definitely need to take into account how and where you brew to help decide which system is best for you. All have a relatively small footprint and as I'm an HG owner and never used a Grainfather or Robobrew, I can't say which is better but I would...