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    Beer taste alcohol

    Hi My last 3 brews have a very strong alcohol taste and and smell. For exemple, I opened the fermenter to transfert in keg and the empty fermenter was smelling strong alcohol in all my apartment I thought it was fuzel alcohol caused by too high temperature, so I made a brew in my keezer at 59...
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    Belgian strong ale fermentation temperature

    Hi, I ferment a belgian strong ale using my kegarator. The temperateure is 57-58 (Kegarator, not liquid). I know the temperateure will increase during fermentation. Is this too cold? Thank
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    Let beer cool overnight?

    Hi, I would like to know if I am doing a 50/50 partial boil and complete with cold water, can I close my fermenter right away and let the beer cool overnight? I would put the yeast the next day. Thank you
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    Need help for pumpkin ale

    Hello world! I would try to brew 3 pumpkin ale recipe next week. 5 gallons per recipe. I think to start from extract kit. 1 porter, 1 light wheat and 1 otmeal stout. I have almost no idea of the quantity of pumpkin and pumpkin spice I need. Do somebody has a recipe and could guide me? I...
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    Hefeweizen taste alcohol

    Hello, I fermented a hefeweizen. I opened the batch today to keg it, and there is a strong smell of rubbing alcohol. Beer also tastes like alcohol. This is the 2nd time that I have made this recipe under the same conditions, and I get the same result The temperature in the room was 71-72. I...
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    Malt extract kit shipping during summer?

    Hi, I would like to know if its ok to order extract beer kit with dry yeast, speciality grain, hop and liquid malt extract during summer. The shipping time will probably be 2-3 week. Thank
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    Partial boil 1/3?

    Hi, I would like to know if I can use 5 gallon recipe and make partial boil of 1.5 gallon. After fill with water to 5 gallons. Thank
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    Wheat beer turned brown

    Hello, Yesterday I made a brew of wheat beer. The color of brew seemed dark, more than normal for this type of beer. After 18 hours in the fermenter, the result looks like this. Has this ever happened to anyone?
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    Keg foam beginner

    I am a beginner with kegs. I put my beer in the keg and carbonate at 30psi for 2-3 days. I drop to 10psi to serve and There is only foam coming out of the keg. I brewed and bleed the co2 about 15 times, but the problem persists. What should I do?
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    Ball Lock vs Pin Lock

    Hi, Im looking for keg system and I would like to know the diffenrence between ball lock and pin lock. Thank
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    Keg room temperature?

    Hello, I'm thinking of buying kegs, because I'm tired of bottling. I am planning to buy a Kegerators with enough space for 2 keg. I was wondering if I can leave the other kegs at room temperature and make the change when one of the refrigerated kegs is empty. Thank you
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    potassium metabisulfite bad taste

    Hi, I use potassium metabisulfite to sterilize bottle and equipment. However, this is giving my beer a bad taste. Is there any product with no flavour I could use instead of this? Thank
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    Cooper brewing kit bad taste

    Hi, Im a newbie and I tried to brew beer with a cooper brewing can but my beer has really bad taste. My hefe has a sour taste, but not in a good way. My stout smell and taste like egg. I carefully cleaned and sterilized equipment in all steps. I used water bottle to brew to make sure to have a...
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    No spark after 2 weeks in bottle

    Hi, I bottled two batch of beer there is two weeks ago. I taste it just for fun today. Hefeweisen has a good spark but my irish stout dosent spark at all. I did the same process, using 8g/L of corn sugar at bottling. Is it normal? Thank
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    Low ABV beer brewing

    Hi, I used cooper beer can to brew. I would like to know if its possible to brew a low abv beer with this kit by adding less dextrose in fermenter. I target 1%-2%. Thank
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    Brew Low ABV Beer?

    Hi, I brew beer using these kit Muntons Premium Range Archives - Muntons I would like to know if its possible to brew a low ABV % beer by adding less dextrose in fermenter? I target between 0,5% - 2% Thank