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    Results from juice, yeast and sugar experiments

    I just split a batch of scrumpy into 3 carboys & fermented with different yeasts at ambient temperature of 13ºC. Wyeast 2565 - fermented quickly, tastes "rough" when crashed at 1.010. Will probably have to bulk age or blend to make it palatable. Safale S-04 - solid ferment, tastes quite nice...
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    WLP570 Belgian Golden Ale

    Currently having a beyotch of a time trying to get this one to floc out. Cold crashing got it to stratify a bit, but the only "clear" part of the beer after more than a week at 4ºC is the top 2 inches. Not sure what happened here...
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    Corona Mill Users -Evaluate my 1st Crush

    A different perspective: the water I brew with is highly alkaline and crushing looser seems to have helped me avoid excess tannic character in my beers. If the OP is in a high-pH area I'd say stay where you are (his crush looks a lot like mine and although efficiency is lower flavor is good) but...
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    Special-B in cider?

    I love Special B and I love cider - I'll be trying this when the neighbourhood apples are ready! Thanks for the idea.
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    Mixed-Style Beer Orange Kolsch (AG/EX)

    OK, brewing this on Saturday. SWMBO and I are both excited about it. Planning to use Wyeast 2565 (for flavour it blows 1056 away in my books and I have a full pipeline so I don't mind the extra waiting for it to finish & clear). One question, though: I have a bunch of Sorachi Ace hops that I'm...
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    Berliner Scheisse

    V. funny thread title. Time heals most beers.
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    My son tossed a lego in the beer is it done?

    There goes your Reinheitsgebot rating.
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    Mixed-Style Beer Orange Kolsch (AG/EX)

    I can't get honey malt locally at the moment. Is there anything I can substitute?
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    1028 London or 1056 American for a Porter...

    I've recently taken to splitting my batches in half and fermenting with two different yeasts under identical conditions. When I get home on Monday night the first such batch (a porter split between 1028 and 1084) should be carbonated & ready for tasting. Costs more for the yeast but negates...
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    Dry hopping at bottling?

    A "resinous grassy flavour" after "a week or two" of dry-hopping sounds like you've just got too much contact time. Try more hops for three or so days instead of fewer hops for longer. That said, I like the Randall idea.
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    Funky Imperial Stout?

    Jolly Pumpkin makes a fairly robust sour stout called Madrugada Obscura. To my palate the sour didn't work so well with the bitterness, but YMMV.
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    Why I have the best SWMBO ever!

    Does she have a sister?
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    Missed Crannóg rhizome pre-order! Where to get hop rhizomes in Canada?

    Title says it all. I'll order from the US in a pinch (Hops Direct won't ship outside the Lower 48, drat!) but would prefer a domestic supplier. Anyone know one?
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    Bottle conditioning/carbonation at too warm temperature causes yeast to stall out?

    OK, thanks for the responses. Two other things I'd forgotten: 1) The yeast I used was old-ish and sluggish: the last of a batch of Wyeast 1099 my LHBS had lying around while they were waiting on a fresh order. Smack pack didn't inflate the morning of brew day, did a starter mid-day which...
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    Bottle conditioning/carbonation at too warm temperature causes yeast to stall out?

    Hey, all - Brewed a Northern English Brown on Feb. 6, bottled on Feb. 21. The beer spent a week at 70º until next brew day (Feb. 27), when I chilled one bottle down to try. Was flat and tasted really green and off (as expected). No fear; I'm a believer in Revvy's 3 week rule. The Brown spent...
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    North American vs European Pilsner malt for Belgian brews

    Hey, all ye experienced HBTers. Maybe you can help me out with something. I'm going to be buying my malt in bulk after realizing that the grain bill for one simple brew at my LHBS is setting me back the price of a whole 55lb bag from the malt distributors! Agonizing over the choices...
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    A Guy Walks Into A Bar

    A seal walks into a bar. Bartender says "What'll it be?" Seal says, "Anything but Canadian Club." (ba-dum!)
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    I'm looking for a Belgian Brewing book from 1851

    Looks like the book you found on Google is a different book than the one you're looking for (albeit one with the same title). The book you linked to is by Levy and Moreau, and was published in 1905. Here's a link to the Lacambre book: link I downloaded a PDF file of the book (kind of...
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    Unibroue 17 clone?

    Hey, all. I'm totally stuck on Unibroue's delicious "17". Problem is, it was a limited release, brewed only once. Supplies are dwindling, and I think it's time to begin working toward cloning this sucker so we'll never have to be without. I'm not any kind of experienced recipe-formulator (I'm...