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    Getting Carded

    Move to Europe, you'll never get carded. I barely look 18 and the six years I was between Germany and Italy I never showed I.D. Coming back to America and getting my I.D. checked every five minutes after serving six years there made me wonder. Maybe for a good laugh put on a fake beard.
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    Beer and Brown Sugar Marinade

    Does the beer flavor stick around after cooking them? I'll give it a try next time I'm cooking sirloin. Thanks for the recipe.
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    Pouring Belgian's

    I seem to like the sediment in the Belgian beer however the sediment in the Grolsch I recently brewed doesn't do it for me. I'll have to experiment with a few of the Belgians I have around. Thanks for the comments.
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    Pouring Belgian's

    When pouring a Belgian style beer with sediment at the bottom should I attempt to keep the sediment in the bottle or include it in my drinking glass?