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  1. brucebeernut

    Texas Micro-HERMS / Fermenting / Keezer

    Keezer with a couple kegs
  2. brucebeernut

    Texas Micro-HERMS / Fermenting / Keezer

    Looking to part out of course. Here’s a pic of brewing set-up all together before disassembled.
  3. brucebeernut

    Texas Micro-HERMS / Fermenting / Keezer

    Depends what and where? I’ll have all available at a local garage sale this Saturday 19th, here in Spring, TX
  4. brucebeernut

    Texas Micro-HERMS / Fermenting / Keezer

    Micro-HERMS / Fermenting / Keezer $1,200 FOR EVERYTHING Brewing 1 16Gal Stainless Brew Kettle - Bayou Classic 1316 Tri-Ply Stockpot w/lid $ 95.00 Bottom port w/3-piece Stainless Ball Valve - Silver Soldered, 1/2in Male NPT...
  5. brucebeernut

    Another Grain Mill Gap Thread

    Good! That's what i'm using... wire gauge doesn't make sense to me.
  6. brucebeernut

    Another Grain Mill Gap Thread

    Using Millars mill today, set as tight as it would go ~.020 and was getting ~78% using BIAB method with 'dunk sparge'. Recently bought the new false bottom from brewhardware.com (https://www.brewhardware.com/product_p/biabbottom15.htm) and began recirculating mash. My first batch setting was at...
  7. brucebeernut

    What process / technique / piece of equipment has improved your beer the most?!

    BIAB is my method... 1) Kegging / Keezer 2) Fermentation control STC1000 (Black Box version), thermowell for temp probe 3) Beersmith software
  8. brucebeernut

    So who's brewing this weekend?

    Brewing Yoopers Broken Leg House Amber (https://www.homebrewtalk.com/showthread.php?t=231361) on my upgraded BIAB rig. Added chugger pump mash recirculation and plate chiller!
  9. brucebeernut

    Simple Questions Thread

    Thanks! Thought I MIGHT get away with something 110vac just to maintain...
  10. brucebeernut

    Simple Questions Thread

    I'll jump in... How large an element do I need to MAINTAIN a boil in my 16gal Bayou Classic kettle doing a 14gal boil for 10gal batch?
  11. brucebeernut

    What came in the mail for you today?

    THIS New false bottom for my BIAB rig! Thanks brewhardware.com !! https://www.brewhardware.com/product_p/biabbottom15.htm
  12. brucebeernut

    Homemade Mash Paddle Pics

    First go 'roun - 1/2" x 3" x 36" Oak... Made a stencil, might try this in maple next!
  13. brucebeernut

    Wilser BIAB vs The Brew Bag?

    I started with the grand slam package for my 8gal kettle. I've bought some extra hop socks and hop boil bags and they are all solid! The pulley system works GREAT! I'm getting ready to order more for a new 16g kettle eBIAB I'm starting to build. Wilserbrewer all the way to fine BIAB brews!
  14. brucebeernut

    Yeast Harvest Tracker Cost Thingy

    Very similar to what I started, thanks!
  15. brucebeernut

    Yeast Harvest Tracker Cost Thingy

    I started a spread and didn't like the way it was evolving so searched and found nothing... Hope there's something out there to be shared. I may just dive in and make one myself...
  16. brucebeernut

    Will this dark IPA be a disaster?

    Curious the outcome!
  17. brucebeernut

    Yeast Harvest Tracker Cost Thingy

    Is there a yeast tracker program or spread that lets you track overbuilds, pitched, generations, including costs etc.? Example: Today I pitched WLP051 into a starter to 2nd step pitch build to ~550b cells in 2.5L. ~330b cells (~1.5L) will be pitched to this weekends' batch (1.076 Black IPA)...
  18. brucebeernut

    Stepped up starter vs. full volume

    Think I'll go this way... Pitch the decanted starter (~200b cells) into 2.5L with ~250g DME and put on my stir plate "Taz". Should end at ~550b. Pitch 1.5L (~330b) and harvest the remaining 1L (~220b). Schweeeet!
  19. brucebeernut

    Stepped up starter vs. full volume

    On this same subject, I'm making a starter and overbuilding it to harvest the extra yeast. I'm starting with 1.076 OG ale recipe and want to harvest 220B cells, 2 "vials". Using Homebrew Dad's Online Yeast Starter Calculator, 1st step is a 1L starter (1.037) based on my yeast 57% viability. Says...
  20. brucebeernut

    BEER KITS BELOW COST.....But I need your help!

    Sierra Nevada Pale Ale OR House Porter Thanks!!!