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    Ringwood Diacetyl rest

    I'm brewing ORfy's hobgoblin clone and used ringwood. It fermented out and I hit my FG. However it has a slightly buttery smell and taste. I know I need to do a diacetyl rest but I've come across a range of temps to bring it to. Joy of Homebrewing states that it should happen at 55-60...
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    What to do with these ingredients?

    I'm starting a beer club at the culinary school I attend. I got put in charge of the club as the last person flaked out. I'm left with the following ingredients that was supposed to be an IPA, but was left without any hops. 6lb Briess Golden Light DME 3.0 lb Briess 2-Row Brewers Malt 1.25...
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    Failed yeast washing?

    I washed the yeast from my last batch......however I seem to have not done a very good job, got a lot of trub underneath the yeast. Is it ok to make a starter from the whole thing or should I try to get the clean yeast off the top somehow?
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    Converting Recipe to Extract

    I'm looking to make Yooper's EKG IPA (I have a half pound of hops in the freezer screaming to be used) Though my problem is that, while I have done all-grain in the past, my current set-up only allows for extract brewing. I converted the recipe in beersmith, but the amounts don't seem to be...
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    Split boil cooling?

    Due to the inefficiency of my stove I have to do split boils or 2.5gal batches. I only have one big sink and can cool only one pot at a time. My pot is big enough to hold the full wort after it's been boiled, can I put the split boils in one pot and cool in the sink? Or would I be better off...
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    Monty Python's Holy Grail Ale

    Any one know of a clone for this one? Or have anything that comes close? Thanks!! :tank:
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    What books should I get?

    I do the ordering for my Library for food type books, this includes homebrewing type books. The ones we have are not very kind to the beginner. Which books do you guys think are a must have? Thanks :mug:
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    Carbing to Style

    I've got a Brewer's best red ale that is about to be bottled in the next few days. I want to carb to style, I know some kits can over-carb. What style does red ale fall under? Amber ale? The tastybrew.com calculator does not have a category for that. Thanks! :mug:
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    Fiddler's Elbow Clone?

    Does anyone have a good AG Fiddlers elbow clone? I'm planning out my next few brews and am going to try some of the wychwood brews. Orfy's Hobgoblin is on my list!!! Thanks! :mug:
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    Did I kill my strip therm?

    I've been using a swamp cooler to keep my fermenting temps down, however the strip thermometer has been partially in the water. I went to pull it today to see what the temp was, and the part of it that had been in the water is now discolored, kind of a whitish film/discoloration of the strip...