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    Covering Your Boil - Oops?

    Last night was my first time brewing outdoors on a propane burner. As the sun started to set, i worried a bit about two things. - Bugs deciding to land in the wort - Heat Loss (outside temp was dropping quick) I had my lid on PARTIALLY (steam was still escaping) i know that most people...
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    Bought New Burner - Not Hot Enough?

    I recently purchased this burner from the local walmart. It look exactly like an SQ14 burner and it said that it was "Perfect for boiling" so i figured it would be great. Sturdy and well crafted it seems but i'm worried it wont put out enough heat to boil 6 gallons. I cant find specs for the...
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    Just wanted to say THANK YOU

    I started brewing about 1.5 months ago, jumped right into all grain with the help of you guys on this forum. My beers have all turned out really great. Attached are picture of an Irish Red, American Red and my Vanilla Coffee Bean Blonde Ale. All of then are all grain. Wouldn't have been able to...
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    Dividing Up A 5 Gallon Kit

    I'm currently brewing small batches (1 Gallon) and refining my process. My LHBS has 5 Gallon Northern Brewer ingredient kits. I'm assuming i could buy this kit and divide this up and brew 5 separate 1 Gallon batches without an issue. Would there be any issues with doing this?
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    Consistently Missing The Mark

    Hey there guys. I'm a new brewer doing 1 gallon BIAB batches currently. I brew once a week currently, testing different strategies, recipes and techniques. I'm going to refine my process for awhile still before scaling up to 3 gallon batches eventually. The first couple batches, i was...
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    Southern Tier 2XONE?

    I live right down the road from Southern Tier Brewery. I'm not sure how far distributed it is yet since it was just released recently, but their 2XONE ale is ASTOUNDING. It's listed as a "Single Varietal Ale" as it is brewed with ONE type of hop and ONE type of malt. I believe I saw someone...
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    Adding Coffee Beans

    This special Blonde Ale i'm brewing calls for an addition of Vanilla Coffee Beans with 4 days left in fermentation. My question is, is it really okay to just toss them right in the bucket? I'm not sure how you would sanitize coffee beans..
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    Adding Corn Sugar Late

    Had a quick question/concern A recipe i brewed last night mentioned to add 2.4 oz of Corn Sugar during the boil with all the hop additions, i forgot until i began to chill my wort, so i added it then. should i be okay? the OG ended up being right on.
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    Wort Oxygenating

    What are the usual consequences of under-oxygenation of the wort? I recently brewed a blonde ale that is now in the primary (a 2 gallon fermenting bucket) The lid of this fermenting bucket did not form an air-tight seal so shaking (oxygenating) the wort proved to be a bit difficult and i'm...
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    OOPS - priming sugar error

    This probably isn't a huge deal but i figured i'd get an opinion. I just bottled up a 1 gal IPA batch. I used honey as a priming sugar and calculated it out to be 0.69oz for the batch. The issue is, i shouldve boiled like 1/2 cup of water with the honey for this small batch, but i wasnt...
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    Water Loss During Brew Process

    I figured i'd attempt my first brew by doing the Brooklyn Brew Shop Everyday IPA Kit. It's an All-Grain Kit, so i know there is much more risk and margin for error than starting out with extracts, however i'm determined to learn All-Grain first. I ended up with MUCH less wort than was...