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  1. Druman07

    Best Efficiency Ever

    Hit 80%, up 17% from an identical recipe mashed a few weeks ago. Used my mill to double crush 2 row pale ale, despite what seemed to be a very good crush from my LBHS. Those intact, empty husks, present in the original, were crushed again, with only little shards of the husks remaining. I also...
  2. Druman07

    Wheat Beer Low Efficiency Question

    I went to my LBHS this weekend to pickup ingredients for a small batch wheat beer. Simple recipe 50% Pilsner malt, 50% wheat malt, and some Saaz Hops. He asked Red or White?, and not knowing the difference I took one of each, so I can compare between the two. They milled the grain as they...
  3. Druman07

    Boosting Windsor Dry Yeast Attenuation

    I like the taste of the ales I have brewed with Windsor dry yeast, but I am less than thrilled with attenuation which is in the mid 60%, which seems to be typical for this yeast. For my upcoming Irish Red, I would like to get the flavor of Windsor, but have a drier ale. I have seen posts here...
  4. Druman07

    PH impact on Efficiency

    I brew small batches, and I always have my LBHS mill two identical grain bills so I can experiment with the second recipe after doing the first following the recipe I am using. Today I decided that I would change the PH of the mash water by reducing the lactic acid by half, increasing my PH from...
  5. Druman07

    Brew No. 26 Success

    Definitely still learning, but my Irish Red hit a new plateau in my brewing journey. I do small batches only, so I brew alot, but this is the first home brew where i used fermentation temperature control and water adjustments. I am going to guess that controlling the temperature had the most...
  6. Druman07

    Looking for a Harpoon Winter Warmer clone or similar

    All grain brewer here, but open to extract recipes also. I have a book of winter beers, I'd like to try this first if anyone has a recipe to share. Much appreciated!