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  1. Druman07

    Pennsylvania Homebrew Scene Around Newtown, PA?

    Sounds like this is trip worthy next time I am in PA
  2. Druman07

    Dry hopping times

    I'm a 5 day guy as a rule of thumb, no science behind it except I like the results. Small batches only.
  3. Druman07

    Cereal Killer grain mill $83 + tax w/ free shipping

    It seems to happen periodically. I bought it the last time, which was about 2 months ago.
  4. Druman07

    First Go At Water Chemistry

    You have full control now. Tap water chemistry can vary depending on time of year. I can't say personally how much impact water chemistry has on taste, but I know what my water makeup and PH is for every brew, I keep careful notes, and hopefully all this information will help me make better beer...
  5. Druman07

    First Time Brewing from Scratch, think I got everything down except super confused about yeast

    No worries. There is learning to be had from every discussion.
  6. Druman07

    Brooklyn Brew Shop's Chamomile Blonde - Tips and Advice

    That's really beautiful art work.
  7. Druman07


    Cool I just did a SMASH with Citra and Amarillo.
  8. Druman07

    How is my First Brew Going?

    Welcome. Similarly started with a Brooklyn Brew Shop Pale Ale just over a year ago.Still going at it, stuck with the gallon batches because it matches my consumption nicely. I brew small batches but often. I enjoy the process. That first beer is special. Sounds like everything is going fine.
  9. Druman07

    Why was my Porter mash pH 4.99...does it matter?

    I follow the same mantra also, and calibrate everytime I brew. I was looking at the Thermworks PH meter which is tempting due to its reasonable price, but my current method is working for me so I can't really justify the expense at this time. Measurement is ball park because my meter only goes...
  10. Druman07

    Why was my Porter mash pH 4.99...does it matter?

    Not much you can do at this point, keep notes so you know to adjust PH for the next time around. I find the difference between my calculator and actual can be up to .2, with the calculator always being on the high side.
  11. Druman07

    Best Efficiency Ever

    No, I didn't purposely sparge that slow. I have seen rice hulls at my LBHS, time to buy some. What's the rule of thumb for addition to the grain bill?
  12. Druman07

    Best Efficiency Ever

    Hit 80%, up 17% from an identical recipe mashed a few weeks ago. Used my mill to double crush 2 row pale ale, despite what seemed to be a very good crush from my LBHS. Those intact, empty husks, present in the original, were crushed again, with only little shards of the husks remaining. I also...
  13. Druman07

    Looking for suggestions for an alternative to USO5

    I agree with Windsor if you want to try something different.
  14. Druman07

    How long do you ferment?

    21 days are my norm. Sometimes a little shorter, or a little longer.
  15. Druman07

    If I understand Amarillo hops..

    I just made a Amarillo Smash and it was quite good.
  16. Druman07

    New, looking for recommendations

    Anything you want. Your schedule is definitely homebrew friendly. Have fun! Lots of opinions here, Keep it simple to start, and you'll make some good beer. Buy a homebrew book to take with you when you are away, so you can plan what you will be trying when you are home.
  17. Druman07

    1-Gallon Brewers UNITE!

    Salt additions and lactic acid. A little goes a long way. For raising PH I was using baking soda, but next time I do a dark recipe, I and going to try pickling lime which can control the PH without adding NA to the recipe.
  18. Druman07

    Buying equipment to get started

    You'll probably be doing it a year from now. The good thing is that with a group, each can contribute some $ and make a decent setup.