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  1. SweetSounds

    Here we go again - DIY chiller/trunk line

    There's actually a question at the bottom if you want to skip the long version... We're moved into the new house, and it's time to get going on a draught system. The kegerator is in the basement, almost exactly under the kitchen sink upstairs. The other day, a buddy and I were standing in...
  2. SweetSounds

    Iowa Unloading - E-Rig stuff and more

    These are located in Des Moines. Shipping OK on smaller stuff... My subscription is expired, and the inbox is full. Text or call (515)231-7389, or email [email protected] Unsold Inventory as of 10-6 11:00 Brewing: (2) Thermometers (1/2" MNPT, looks like 3" probe) $8 (0) Corny O-Ring...
  3. SweetSounds

    Question for the industrial control guys - Pneumatic Valves

    Question: I've got a few Festo pneumatic valve blocks removed from an industrial machine. I've been considering pneumatic pumps for the brew rig, and was wondering how these are controlled? They appear to have an Allen-Bradley M12 connector. My theory is that I can move beer in the process...
  4. SweetSounds

    Old beer, new yeast

    Question: I have an imperial stout that was neglected for 2 years. (I know) I don't have an FG for it, as it was the last beer I brewed before taking a couple years off. After re-discovering an almost full corny of the stuff, I put it back in the cooler (It was on gas the whole time it sat)...
  5. SweetSounds

    Got a free chiller. Now what?

    Scored a free DBM-250 chiller last night! The reservoir apparently has a really slow leak. I'm told it's a "Put a paper towel under it" type thing. The reservoir is plastic with a titanium coil inside. So it shouldn't be hard at all to fix. In its past life it was used in a hydroponic...
  6. SweetSounds

    Ever lost 10 gallons of beer for 2 years?

    So I load a new 10g batch of Red Ale into a Sanke for fermentation. First batch in years. Take it downstairs to put in the kegerator to ferment. Find 3 kegs. Don't remember them being in there! Blonde Ale ~ 4% About 4 gallons left Primary 5-22-2010 Secondary 6-13-2010 On Gas 6-19-2010...
  7. SweetSounds

    More Electrical Stuff - Allen-Bradley This Time Around

    This thread will get updated. A lot... It wouldn't let me update the other thread, so here's a new one :drunk: Allen-Bradley Stuff: All used, and probably dirty. All should clean up very well (Used on a paint line, but the un-cured paint comes off with a fingernail) The nicest ones will go...
  8. SweetSounds

    1 metric crap-ton of electrical stuff!

    This thread will get updated. A lot... In the next week or so I will be posting AB switches, contactors, enclosures, DIN-rail electrical stuff (Mostly fuses and contact blocks), and a few odds and ends. After 18 months of not brewing anything, I'm back... I managed to get married, move, and...
  9. SweetSounds

    WOOT! Find - Digital scale $15.99 + $5 S&H

    http://www.woot.com/ Washable stainless steel platform Easy-to-read, high contrast display Weighs in grams and ounces Maximum weight: 72 oz/2 kg/4.5 lbs High precision: +/- .05 oz / 1 g English (oz.) and Metric (g) measurements Slim Design Low Battery Indicator Automatic power off...
  10. SweetSounds

    CL (Not mine!) Stainless walk-in freezer door $75 Iowa

    Not mine, but a hell of a lot easier than building a door for your walk in project, and cheap! http://desmoines.craigslist.org/bfs/2013824308.html
  11. SweetSounds

    E-Rig Electrical Enclosures (And a lot more!)

    I'm resurrecting this thread, all listed and pictured are available at the listed prices. Full Disclosure: All small Hoffman boxes that were painted blue have been sandblasted back to primer. The big ones are still blue (They don't fit in my blast cabinet!) I'll start with the enclosures: (2...
  12. SweetSounds

    CL - $150 Kegerator (Not Mine)

    Great deal for someone - CO2 tank included. http://desmoines.craigslist.org/app/1968967061.html
  13. SweetSounds

    24v DC DIN mount power supplies - For you E-Rig builders!

    I have been working on my electric rig for a while, and I've come across some extra parts I don't/wont need. I'll start with DIN rail mount power supplies. These are tested and working great! $35.00 each + flat rate shipping (Or Priority, whichever is cheaper) (3) Available: SOLA...
  14. SweetSounds

    2-Tier 3-burner sanke brewery CL Find (Not Mine - $400)

    In south central Iowa: http://desmoines.craigslist.org/for/1915387514.html Looks like a good deal for someone!
  15. SweetSounds

    WTB - BCS-460 Ready to upgrade to the BCS-462?

    If you're looking to upgrade to the BCS-462, I'd like to buy your BCS-460. Or - If you just want to sell your 460, that would be OK too ;) It's time got get the ferm chamber started! :mug:
  16. SweetSounds

    (Not Mine) 2-Tier gas brew rig w/keggles $400 - Des Moines

    Not mine - http://desmoines.craigslist.org/for/1819882875.html
  17. SweetSounds

    Sometimes I hate my job... Sometimes, it just freakin rawks!

    So I'm at one of our factories that closed down, removing all if the IT assets - Servers, network switches, wireless gear - And I'm looking at the paint line, stripped of everything the maintenance guys wanted to salvage. And what's left?!? I'm guessing somewhere around 500' if 1/2" stainless...
  18. SweetSounds

    Beer feedback in (around) DesMoines?

    Not to pimp on another thread, but... All of my lighter brews have a funny taste I can't describe. They aren't bad by any means, but I've never tasted it in other friends' homebrew, or the sample beer I've had at Beer Crazy. I'd love to know how it would be properly described so I can fix...
  19. SweetSounds

    WELDED keggles $100 on CL (Des Moines, not mine)

    http://desmoines.craigslist.org/for/1830946853.html Hell of a deal for someone...
  20. SweetSounds

    Anyone used the eBay Amp meters?

    I want to install ammeters in my control panel for the main, and each heating element, so I can control the system if I'm under a power restriction. It'll draw a full 50 amps if I let both 5500 watt elements go to 100%. Has anyone looked at or used these? They are certainly cheap enough...