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    New York Home Brewing Equipment for beginner to Expert $800 Value

    This sale is for pickup or delivery within a reasonable distance!!! Located Elmira, NY Not looking to piece out as I think this is a good bundle for any newcomer This is a set of equipment that you could use to brew your first batch of beer. A $800 Value. At the steal of a price of $400 or...
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    Looking for 7.5gal SS Kettle (New York)

    Looking for a 7.5 gal SS kettle. Im in New York and not really trying to pay out the ass for shipping. If the price is right and with shipping is cheaper then online retailers I will buy. Looking for something that is local. Thanks Sent from my SCH-I535 using Home Brew mobile app
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    Bru'n water questions

    Hi All I just got my water report back from ward. And Have been studying up using the Bru'n water knowledge section. Let me start off by saying I do 5 gallon BIAB style and have a few question that pertain to my water report and using it with BIAB and the Bru'n Water spread sheet. 1) When...
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    what should I do with my yeast ?

    I made a starter 2 days ago and it has been spinning away on the stir plate. My question to you is should I just keep letting in stir or throw it in the fridge? I plan on brewing tomorrow and am worried that having the starter go to long will let the yeast eat away all of the sugars before I...
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    Adjusting Alc% with Whiskey Added to beer

    Hi all, I plan on making a Irish Car Bomb Stout tomorrow and wondering how I would go about adjusting or figuring out the alcohol percent when it is finished? The recipe calls for adding 12oz of Jamison Irish Whiskey(40 proof) to the secondary. Looking at the notes of a family friend who made...
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    yeast starter temp ?

    So I have been making yeast starters for some time with all my brews but it dawned on me last time that I don't regulate the temp like I do my fermenting beer. Is this a issue ? With summer in full swing and hot days to come, should I find a way to put my stir plate in my fermentation chamber ...
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    risk of bottle bombs?

    Tomorrow I plain on bottling my bavarian hefeweizen. According to bjcp it should be primed 3.6-4.48 . I would really like to prime my bottles to that but the corn sugar that came with my kit is not enough to reach that level of Carb. I believe I will only get 2.5 or equivalent to the prime for a...
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    dme or corn sugar?

    So I'm going to be doing a extract recipe this weekend it calls for equal amounts of light dme and corn sugar with specialties grains. I want to increase the alcoholic content from 5 to 6 % and have extra dme and corn sugar on hand. I don't want to screw with the taste so my question to you...
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    Are some grains better suited for BIAB

    I have done a total of 2 batchs BIAB style so it might just be I had a off brew day. 1st Batch- Fat Tire Clone shooting for 1.051 and got 1.048, Grains- Crystal 75L Malt, Pale Malt, Munich Malt, Victory Malt. 2nd Batch- Hefeweizen shooting for 1.050 and got 1.042, Grains- Cara Pils, Red...
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    Figuring out post mash gravity

    I'm new to this whole beer making thing but I'm trying to do everything correctly and trying to learn as much as possible. I take alot of notes so that way I can see where I have gone wrong and correct the information. I have done a total of 2 whole batchs and I do BIAB so all my mash/boil water...
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    cold crashing?

    So my first brew has finished fermentation and is begining to clear on its own. It has been in the carboy for almost 2 weeks. My intentions are to bottle next weekend. My question to you is when should I begin cold crashing ? For how long and at what temp? I was thinking 40 degrees. I have a...
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    determining mash water temp

    So last Sunday I brewed my first AG biab and I was using beer smith to determine when I should dough in. It told me 161 degrees should make my mash water 154 degrees when my grain was 68 degrees. My kettle measurments are 15 x 15 inches and holds 13.25 gallons. Was using 8 gallons at the time...
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    is my fermentation complete

    So I brewed up my first batch the other day. Everything went fairly well until I pitched the yeast. Nottingham ale yeast. I forgot to rehydrate. I thought I shocked the yeast but with in 12 hours my air lock started to go nuts. This continued for two days then stoped yesterday. And the beer...
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    digital thermometer help

    Does anyone know of a digital thermometer that is accurate and that the probe can be left in the kettle ? Everyone that I have seen says not to submerge the probe in liquid. I think this would be a huge upgrade as I do biab and noticed on my last brew day that the bag got Hung up on my kettle...
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    Forgot to Rehydrate yeast

    so yeasterday I brewed my first beer (Amber Ale) and in pure joy I forgot to rehydrate the yeast like the package states. Danstar Nottingham Ale Yeast. What should I do? Right now my carboy is sitting in the fermantation chamber at a cool 64 degrees. There is a slight bubble but nothing...
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    boil hops zero minutes ?

    So tomorrow I'm doing my first brew. BIAB style, Fat Tire clone from Austin Homebrew Supply. One of the hop additions says to add at zero minutes. So my real question is how long do I leave this style hop in my kettle. I built a hop spider that was in BYO so it will be easy to remove the hops...
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    help side fitting

    So I installed all my fittings today and one that I installed was the side pick up fitting. I then filled to test for leaks and then I went to empty. My kettle just to see how it worked and I noticed that it still left about 1 gallon in my kettle. Does this only work with whirlpooling? I did not...
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    how to cut my sight glass

    Hey everyone, I just drilled the holes into my new kettle and after further examination the sight glass I received from bargain fittings is 18 inches long and my kettle is 15 inches tall. Any suggestions on how to cut this with out shattering the polycarbonite sight glass. Thanks.