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    2.75 gallon batches - Yeast pitch advise??

    I have 2.75 gallons going into the fermenter for a final volume of 2.5 gallons in the keg. I have brewed two batches on this new little system I have and both times my wort has just tasted kinda "off". Both batches have been around 1.050-1.060 gravity and I have pitched 5 gallon yeast packs in...
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    Bucket fermenter contamination - still able to use?

    I don't know if I had a contamination or not, I'm still trying to figure that out. If I did, would my bucket fermenter still be able to be used? It has only been used once and the first time I used it my beer reeked of sulphur and tasted terrible after fermentation. There are no scratches on the...
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    Hornindal Kveik Yeast - Rotten Eggs and slow to start

    I've brewed a 2.5 gallon 1.061 OG NEIPA wort and pitched the Omega yeast packet straight in to the fermenter with no yeast starter. 2 days later there is little to no activity and I opened my fermenter and there is no krausen, but there are CO2 bubbles. It also reeks of rotten eggs. It is...
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    London ESB 1968 - used in IPAs

    I have used this yeast in a couple of IPAs now and I can't tell if I like it or not. I used it in two dry hopped IPAs and it really overtakes the taste IMO. I know this yeast isn't traditionally used in IPAs but I thought it might work. It has a sweet, slightly spicy, fruity character but it...
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    SMaSH All-Grain 2-row recipe

    Howdy! Lots of leftover 2 row and I’m entering a smash competition with my local homebrew club so I need to whip some tail! I’m looking to brew a crisp, IPA level gravity (1.065-ish), juicy beer. I don’t have any hops on hand so I’m open to suggestions. I’ve got some ideas of how I want to...
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    Blichmann Beer Gun - No force carb to the keg beforehand

    Howdy yall, So it was my first time using the Blichmann beer gun the other day and bottled my beer straight from the fermenter with out force carbing the beer in a keg before-hand. I now know my bottles that are currently in my fridge will be under carbed because I didnt know it was a...
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    Fly Sparging and Grain:Water Mash Ratio

    Help! I am working with an all grain 10g batch keggle system using the "Ultimate Sparge Arm". I have only brewed simple IPAs or APAs. My issue is that I am falling roughly .010 - .020 points below my expected OG every time I brew (only about 4 total so far). Let me explain my mash...
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    IPA Recipe: Oranges, Grapefruit, Sea Salt

    Howdy, I am a relatively new brewer with a 5 gal home kit (extract only) and am looking to create a recipe with the ingredients in the title but am not knowledgeable about achieving these desired tastes. I want it to be hoppy, with a mix of sour and sweet with a tad of saltiness. I want it to...