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    Extended Maceration (Blueberry Wine)

    I've read a bit lately about extended maceration--up to 21 days on skins--and the benefits of its application to red wines, but I'm wondering if I could apply this to the 5 gallons of blueberry wine I have in the primary right now. The must read 25 degrees Brix with a T.A. of .65, so it seems...
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    Prickly Pear Fruit & Apple Wine

    My wife bought me a quart of local prickly pear fruit juice, as I've been talking up a prickly pear fruit brew for a while. Whelp, here's what I did: 1/3 cup Sonoran prickly pear fruit juice (~$40 for a quart--it's pure, no water) 1 gallon organic apple juice (Whole Foods, fermenting in that...
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    TA and pH Relation

    Hi all! I have a pretty solid chemistry background, but from the reading I've done I have yet to learn how TA and pH are related. Is it a linear correlation? In making wines, I measure the TA, but I don't take pH readings (unless pH is directly related to TA sans a mathematical translation)...