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  1. trimixdiver1

    Need formula to calculate head pressure from Volumes of CO2

    Im programing a carbonation calculator into my PLC to control my Brite Tank Im looking for a formula that will give me the pressure to carbonate to, I will have the Temp of the tank and will know what volumes I want. Thanks!!!
  2. trimixdiver1

    Polar ware induction info

    Excuse me if this was asked before, but do the economy polar ware kettles work with induction burners? Thanks
  3. trimixdiver1

    Kegs in a Beverage Air DD68

    So how many ball locks can you get into a Bev Air DD68 2 door kegerator? Thanks!
  4. trimixdiver1

    Ozone sanitation

    Has anyone gone as far to use ozone as a cheap and very effective sanititizer? A lot of breweries are starting to move this direction.
  5. trimixdiver1

    Question for process engineers

    So I'm using my IRIMS set up, I tuned my PID closed loop to a flow of 1gpm and 22lbs of grain at 1.5 ratio. Loop works great, but as expected, with more grain, like 25 lbs it tends to overshoot. Is there a simple tweak to one of the constants to get it closer, or should I add another PID...
  6. trimixdiver1

    O2 saturation question

    When using 100% O2 in our 70f wort, why worry about over oxygenation when you can only get 9ppm in 70f water at saturation? Higher SG would raise the saturation level right? So as I can see it, it would be very hard to over oxygenate wort. Am I off here?
  7. trimixdiver1

    Trade PLC for 3-4 tap tower

    Trade this http://www.automationdirect.com/adc/Shopping/Catalog/Programmable_Controllers/DirectLogic_Series_PLCs_(Micro_to_Small,_Brick_-a-_Modular)/DirectLogic_06_(Expandable_Micro_Brick_PLC)/PLC_Units For a 3-4 tap tower
  8. trimixdiver1

    Trade PLC for 3-4 tap tower

    I'm trading this http://www.automationdirect.com/adc/Shopping/Catalog/Programmable_Controllers/DirectLogic_Series_PLCs_(Micro_to_Small,_Brick_-a-_Modular)/DirectLogic_06_(Expandable_Micro_Brick_PLC)/PLC_Units For a 3-4 tap tower in decent shape. Thanks
  9. trimixdiver1

    Poll: Blichmann 7G Conical Extender

    I have a company that is making me 2 extenders for the 7G Blichmann Conical to make it a 14G Conical. I know Blichmann makes them for all the other sizes but failed to do so on the 7G conicals. I have moved to 10G batches and this seems like the way to go. I will post updates and pricing. I just...
  10. trimixdiver1

    IRIMS is here!

    Inverted RIMS, all the heat, none of the scorching. 1" band heaters installed on the outside of the pipe recirculating my mash. 4500w
  11. trimixdiver1

    Question on Bicarbs

    So I finally got Bru n Water. Using RO as a base (zero in every mineral) Got a good adjustment, but bicarbs are -90, everything is green except when I try to correct the bicarb and it goes red. Am I doing it right?
  12. trimixdiver1

    Heat exchanger

    I have a large heat exchanger. It will only knock down 75-100f with 50-60f city water. It's a two pass tube and shell. 1/2 triclamp on the wort side and 1" on the cw side. Would make a nice trim chiller for a brewery or a home brewer using glycol. All 316 stainless. Rather you pickup in the...
  13. trimixdiver1

    RO water and kmeta

    Would it hurt to use kmeta in RO? Just in case the carbon isnt getting all the chloramine? It should be driven off by the recirc on my HLT right? If not the boil? Thanks
  14. trimixdiver1

    Grain bed drainage and ph

    So I did a Saison, 22lbs Pilsner and 2oz of chocolate rye for color. My mash ph was in the low 5.0-5.1. Usually I can get 1gpm plus to recirculate though the bed (HERMS) with Pilsner malt (same sack). This mash was at the same temp, same ratio, just ph and the rye are different. So could a...
  15. trimixdiver1

    Mash issue

    So I'm doing a saison, 22lbs Wey Pilsner, 2oz Wey Choco Rye for a little color. I usually recirc at 1gpm, this guy was at .3gpm max. Could that little rye cause this, it's only 2oz. Now my mash ph was somewhat low, 5-5.1 Thanks
  16. trimixdiver1

    Duda chillers

    I'm getting a 60 plate chiller from Duda, anyone have any issues with them? Hopefully with the pulsing of my CIP pneumatic diaphragm pump will help clear any debris, just wish they made plate and frame chillers smaller and within budget, I so like to be able to take them apart for cleaning.
  17. trimixdiver1

    CIP system

    Built with stuff I had laying around the house. This system has a diaphram pump that I'm allowing it to put out 50psi to a rotating spray ball. It has a 1500w inline heater taken from a dishwasher. The two 3 way valves will allow me to suck up the caustic/ acid and water in one position then...
  18. trimixdiver1

    Jamician blue mountain Amber

    So I'm on vacation in Jamaica and got 5# of the famous blue mountain coffee for $15 a lb. Anyone have a good Amber coffee recipe?
  19. trimixdiver1

    Transfer carbed beer question

    So I have a IIPA that I let too much of the dry hops xfer over to a keg. I keep plugging the dip tube and connector. What's the best way to xfer it to another keg? I was going to pull the liquid out post and pull the tube up and put some half inch tubing over it and tranfer. Thoughts? Can't do...
  20. trimixdiver1

    Grain for sale

    I have a sack of: Muntons Caramalt. $30 Avangard Pils $30 Breiss 2 row $30 All three for $75 Pickup near Pittsburgh