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  1. Denny's Evil Concoctions

    Phoenix Hops

    I'm using them in a chocolate rye foreign stout. FWH Bittering, and a -15 addition. Tastes great. Not sure if I'd dry hop heavily with these. Only dry hop I tried was with other hops as well so can't really say.
  2. Denny's Evil Concoctions


    I've used sodium percarbonate for years. Also use it to clean/sanatze my pump and lines before I transfer beer.
  3. Denny's Evil Concoctions


    I wish British Columbia wasn't so anal. The cost of licencing etc here is not worth it for anything smaller than brewpub/micro sized production. "Nano" here neans 500 hectoliter system brewing 7 days a week!
  4. Denny's Evil Concoctions

    Anyone know what this is???

    Malaysian Beer Frog Tadpoles.... They disguise themselves as grain husks.
  5. Denny's Evil Concoctions

    CO2/Keg question

    I think the main taste difference between set and forget and force carbng is the additional cold storage time more than anything. Btw.. how long is your picnic tap beer line?
  6. Denny's Evil Concoctions

    Floor burner safe indoors?

    To use indoors with a non-flammable floor surface (and preferably fire resistant walls) you need proper ventilation. Ie range hood and fan venting to out doors with a fresh air return. You can also use in a garage with the garage door open (and inside doors shut).
  7. Denny's Evil Concoctions

    How many back up kegs do you have?

    I have a dozen but use about 8 (6 for beer) for 3 taps.
  8. Denny's Evil Concoctions

    Incomplete Fermentation-Help?

    That is giving you an apparent attenuation of 73.4%. That seems pretty good for a high gravity beer and technically within range for this yeast. From Whitelabs: Attenuation 73-80%
  9. Denny's Evil Concoctions


    Looks like a Pedio or Lacto infection. How sour is it? Lacto sours a lot quicker. And yes, racking and kegging very cold will slow any further growth considerably.
  10. Denny's Evil Concoctions

    Induction burner question

    How close does steel have to be to an induction burner to work? I have a large chill plate I acquired a while back.. the kind you use to chill pop for a pop gun.. its about 3" thick aluminum with a lot of SS line inside. Not sure if the SS line is magnetic and if it is if the aluminum would...
  11. Denny's Evil Concoctions

    Phoenix Hops

    English tasting hop. Reminds me a bit of goldings. I didnt particularly notice chocolate notes. Aroma is not so strong. I find it good for English Bitters, English ipa, stouts and porters. Its the only hop in this delicious rye chocolate stout I have on tap.
  12. Denny's Evil Concoctions

    Acetaldehyde in kegged beer

    Well. If the taste is still there and warming it on its own doesn't help then try what I said above.
  13. Denny's Evil Concoctions

    Acetaldehyde in kegged beer

    Yes, but did you pitch new yeast? Acetaldehyde must be converted to alcohol by yeast or it will never go away.
  14. Denny's Evil Concoctions

    Double oatmeal stout

    I'd add the chocolate to the boil. If you've already made your beer then you could add to the fermenter but I personally think the boil is best. Last beer I tried it in the mash as per a BYO article I read but I found it made the mash more viscous. I think they added to the mash in order to...
  15. Denny's Evil Concoctions

    Induction Brewing - 2.5g with Recirculation

    I mainly use the vertical T for air purge but it does give the me the abilty to send whatever I am pumping to another line/vessel.
  16. Denny's Evil Concoctions

    Sitting in Carboy for 8 months...Could it still be good?

    I did that once with a pils like ale. Left it fir a year at my parents house when I had to move away for school. my Dad did top up the airlock on ocassion for me. The beer tasted great. What kind of "film" are you talking about on top?
  17. Denny's Evil Concoctions

    whats your mill gap setting (barley crusher)

    I thought the looked rather plump. I seem to get shredded husks even at .050" at 500 RPM. Maybe the teeth are still to sharp?
  18. Denny's Evil Concoctions

    Stuck for the moment.

    A full pack won't hurt.