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  1. k1ngl1ves

    ISO: Pipeworks Beers

    Yep! I can get their entire lineup, and fresh. I recommend you give Half Acre a try too. IMO, Their beer is better than Pipeworks. More consistent. We can set up a trade if you'd like, but it's a bad time for me in Christmas season. How about after the 1st of the year?
  2. k1ngl1ves

    Win a Ss Brewtech Keg WaSsher!

    Hell Yeah! Nice Giveaway!
  3. k1ngl1ves

    Win a Spike Brewing CF5 Conical Unitank!

    Great! I'm in!
  4. k1ngl1ves

    Brewer's Friend Giveaway! Big Thanks to HBT!

    I'm in! Who doesn't love Ryno?!!! My favorites on the team right now would be Baez and Schwarber. Anything amazing can happen when either guy is at the plate, and Baez's all around game is insane.
  5. k1ngl1ves

    Cutting the Cord

    There are many options available nowdays from internet and tv providers, especially if you have a smart tv. One example is Sling. You download the app to your tv, and all content is split up into packages. Choose the package that woks best for you. You don't have to pay for 250 channels...
  6. k1ngl1ves

    Cutting the Cord

    Thanks for the reply! I think it should be made clear to the folks in this thread that you are making an assumption. ;) There have been countless arguments around the world about what is and is not piracy. There is still no conclusion in the U.S. on the matter in regards to streaming...
  7. k1ngl1ves

    Cutting the Cord

    Doh! Megabytes...
  8. k1ngl1ves

    Cutting the Cord

    Wow! I forgot about this thread! I bought a NVIDIA Shield box about a year and a half ago ($150). Lots of power and buffer memory. I run Gears TV on it ($15 a month). Every channel, all movie channels, all sports packages, and all ppv fights. All clear hd. Best thing I ever did! You'll...
  9. k1ngl1ves

    Attention Kansas City Locals and Past Visitors!!!

    I was disappointed in Boulevard. The food is not good. There were no bottled "brewery exclusive" beers. There were a couple on tap, but nothing amazing. Overall, I thought their best beers were the same as what's readily available in Chicago already. :-( I won't bother to go to the brewery...
  10. k1ngl1ves

    Nebraska Selling/Giving Away Everything Cheap

    If you do eventually decide to ship, I would be more than happy to buy both kegs. They are exactly what I need right now. ;-) Keeping my fingers crossed...
  11. k1ngl1ves

    S-04 slow? Krausen for 2 days

    Chalk it up to mash temp. Lessen learned! Leave it be. Right now, it's a bit sweet, but could lessen when carbonated. If you start Frankensteining it, you may end up worse off. It's beer! Enjoy it for what it is! :mug:
  12. k1ngl1ves

    Pennsylvania Extra CTZ Hops -Whole Leaf

    How much per pound? How are they being stored?
  13. k1ngl1ves

    Why do we all use Freezers vs. Refrigerators?

    Perfect for cold crashing too. Easy peesy with a punching balloon...
  14. k1ngl1ves

    Why do we all use Freezers vs. Refrigerators?

    Yep! Most of the time you can find an old fridge on CL for free too. I rip out all the shelves and put a base in the bottom. When the fridge dies, I'll wheel it to the curb for the scrappers. :mug: