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  1. roofpig

    Tasting Suggestions

    Fellow beer lovers, I come to you with a request! I am planning out a "tasting party" which will happen in a couple of months. The people I'm inviting will be, for the most part, unfamiliar with most craft beers and imports other than the sparse offerings in the supermarket. I have a personal...
  2. roofpig

    Sam Adams + Weihenstephan

    Anybody catch this article? I'm curious to hear some reactions to it. Personally, I doubt they'll be able to pull in as many newbies as they hope they will, but if it's a good enough product I'm sure they'll have a lot of true beer lovers buying into it.
  3. roofpig

    Darn Germs!

    I was all psyched up and ready to start my second home brew ever this weekend (an Irish stout kit from True Brew). And now... I'm sick. Probably wouldn't do any good to sanitize my equipment if I'm just going to sneeze and cough all over it. Stupid germs... *shakes fist*
  4. roofpig

    First Brew a Bit Hoppy

    Hey there, all. Complete n00b to this board and to home brewing in general. I just recently completed my first brew, had a lot of fun, and ended up with a product that was better than I expected! The only problem I have is that the brew tastes a bit hoppier than I would have expected. I...