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  1. joeybeer

    Dryhop surprise

    Maybe just a surprise to me.. I've been brewing and kegging for years now, and although I tried dryhopping in a glass secondary in my early days, I never really did it much at all recently. Well, I had a keg of an IPA, that missed SG because of some experimenting and ended up thin, watery and...
  2. joeybeer

    Building a 240v 5500w Craftbeerpi Single Heating Vessel System (EBIAB?)

    Hi all, I've been thinking about this build for what seems like 10 years ! Long enough, that my dreams of PID control have been replaced by the amazing Craftbeerpi. We moved into a new house recently, and when I removed a cover plate off the wall behind my work bench, what should I find but a...
  3. joeybeer

    Reusing yeast in a Sanke fermenter

    I like to brew (and drink) many different styles of beer, but one that I have to keep on hand is a Light American Lager style Ale, brewed with US-05. I've been brewing all grain for over a year & feel like I have this figured out pretty well.. My question is, I'm fermenting 10g in a Sanke...
  4. joeybeer

    Anybody brew 10g batches with a 2250w 110v ?

    The jist of this is in the title - I usually brew 10g batches, and just wondered if anyone did it with 110v 2250w.. It would obviously be much easier/convienient to just plug it in in the kitchen than run a 220 line, but I wondered if it was even possible. Thanks for your help !! ~Joey
  5. joeybeer

    Things I need to do in the brewery

    I figured I'd start a thread about things I need to do, feel free to add your to do lists to the bottom.. I've been looking forward to all my chores but have been out of town for over a week and they're piling up ! 1) Dry hop that IPA - the competition is 2 weeks away and I've got to get it...
  6. joeybeer

    Schützengarten Clone ?? Swiss beer ?

    So my Dad is Swiss, and although he likes a few of my homebrews, I'd like to give one of his old locals a shot - Schützengarten.. I'd love to see a clone recipe if anyone has one or any ideas if you're from Bachli, SG Switzerland ?
  7. joeybeer

    partial Campden tablets to remove chloramine ?

    I know 1 campden tab is supposed to remove chloramine from 20 gallons, so if I'm using 10 gallons should I use 1/2 or if I use 30 gallons, 1.5 tabs ?? Do I need to measure the tablets based on the amount I'm using ??
  8. joeybeer

    Tapping a Triclamp cap ?

    I wasn't really sure where to put this but since it involves my electric build I thought this was as good as anywhere.. Has anyone tapped a triclamp cap ?? I'd like to screw in a 1/2 NPT ball valve.. I know I could use a more expensive solution, but I'd like to install a heating element in...
  9. joeybeer

    Joeybeer's Single Vessel 5500w Artsy Build

    I brew about 2 x 10gallon batches and 2 x 5 gallon batches per month and I'm planning on switching over my single vessel keggle, cooler mashtun all-grain propane setup to electric. I need to have some work done on the electric panel in the house, so I figure while the electrician's here - why...
  10. joeybeer

    Funny looking yeast harvest

    So I've harvested yeast/washed yeast quite a few times before, usually mixing RO water with it, then letting it settle & decanting etc.. The last couple of cakes I've poured off, and haven't mixed with water, have separated.. First was NeoBrittania, and now a US05 cake.. Here is a photo...
  11. joeybeer

    iOS5 update deleted Beer Alchemy Recipes

    I updated to iOS5 today, and it erased all of my recipes in Beer Alchemy.. in fact I can't even find the app on the iPad anymore !! Booo! Just figured I'd mention it here to save someone else the grief. I only ran it on the iPad not on the computer. . I know about the export...
  12. joeybeer

    Accidental sanke spear invention...

    Came up with a tool to replace spears in sanke kegs today, and it's so easy a four year old could do it, takes 1/4 of the time of the Sabco tool, and would probably cost $250 less to produce (probably $40 retail) .. How much interest is there for a tool like this ??
  13. joeybeer

    Room temp aging in a keg then bottling.

    I want to age a batch of Milk Chocolate Stout and a Pumpkin Ale for the holidays, and want to get some advise.. Should I - (1) rack to a keg, purge with CO2 and get it to seal, then put it in the closet for 3 weeks, chill to 33 while carbing, then bottle from there.. or (2)carb...
  14. joeybeer

    Poll - How well do you clean your kegs between fills ?

    I totally disassemble everything (including poppets), and soak in Oxyclean overnight, then rinse 3 times, dry, lube and reassemble, then rinse out with Starsan. I think I might be totally over doing it.
  15. joeybeer

    Lalvin RC-212 Bourgovin ferm temp..

    I'm working on my first blueberry wine and decided to use Lalvin RC-212 Bourgovin yeast... I have a beer ferm chamber that's about 60-65f, do you think that will be fine, or should I primary at 75 in my office ? Here's their writeup : RC-212 Bourgovin: This strain comes from the Burgundy...
  16. joeybeer

    Sam Adams Summer Ale **barf**

    This is one of only two commercial beers i've ever poured out.. I'm very openminded and will drink most anything (when fishing, Pabst,Miller Light, even Milwaukees Best) , but Sam Adams Summer Ale .. I can not choke down.. does anyone like this stuff ??
  17. joeybeer

    Saison Dupont attempt with 3724

    So I know the recipe's not spot on, but I figured it was close enough for a first shot. I used the bottle dregs from a bottle of Saison Dupont, revived on a stirplate with 16 oz of 1.030 wort, and after 48hrs, stepped up another 16oz for 48 hrs at 80 degrees.. Here's the recipe : 92% 9...
  18. joeybeer

    Things that have fallen in your beer !

    The first thing to have fallen in my beer was when I was showing my two year old son the hot water that was just up to strike temp, showing him the volume on the outside of the kettle, then letting him peek over the top, and a HUGE gob of slobber rolled out of his mouth, and you could see it...
  19. joeybeer

    Cutting down gas in pipe on a corny ?

    One of my cornys has a gas pipe that is only about 1" long while the others are about 2.5"... Seems I can fit an extra quarter gallon or so in the keg without getting the end of the stick wet. Does anyone else use extra short gas in pipes ?
  20. joeybeer

    One fridge 2 temps...

    So I use the same fridge to ferment and serve... When I'm putting beer in to ferment, I bottle a few, and turn the temp controller to 62ish.. Right now I have a batch of brown ale in at ferm temp and I want to bottle it to bring out of town this weekend.. It's on 30psi of gas, to reach the...