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  1. dyqik

    DIY inline refractometer

    Following through on this idea, I now have a $20 USB microscope, which can easily resolve 10μm features, and a few flat borosilicate 1.5" triclover endcaps and a tee being shipped from Still Dragon. I'll need an LED with a pinhole mask in front of it. First test will be with some scotch tape on...
  2. dyqik

    DIY inline refractometer

    I was having thoughts about using a triclamp window with a system like the one described in this (now expired) patent. That system uses a flat glass panel, and a point source of diffuse light. I think grinding the triclamp window to give a ground glass screen (like an old-school camera focusing...
  3. dyqik

    DIY inline refractometer

    I don't think that there'll be any significant issue. A cheap refractometer is designed to work so that you see light coming through the sample where the angle of incidence for rays going to the viewing point is less than the critical angle, and see reflected light from a blue screen where the...
  4. dyqik

    CraftBeerPi - Raspberry Pi Software

    The problem is that CraftBeerPi is unmaintained, but Raspbian/Raspberry Pi OS and the python libraries it relies on are being updated. You have to manually intervene to install the outdated versions of libraries. There are various guides around on how to do that.
  5. dyqik

    Is my fermenter doomed?

    I think "proto-vinegar" might be a better description of the contents.
  6. dyqik

    CraftBeerPi - Raspberry Pi Software

    Anyway, I made my first CBPi3 plugin - an actor that wraps another actor, and rescales the power level to be between two limits. Useful if you want to limit the maximum power to a heater, or set a minimum power level for something like a pump that stalls at low power levels...
  7. dyqik

    CraftBeerPi - Raspberry Pi Software

    Feb 23rd and 24th on PyPI, so Sunday and Monday.
  8. dyqik

    CraftBeerPi - Raspberry Pi Software

    It looks like GitDB on PyPI has recently jumped to version 4.0.x that works with Python 3.4 and greater from 0.6.x versions that worked with Python 2.7 only. The github page for it has a number of intermediate major versions. The recent releases seem to have broken all the dependencies etc...
  9. dyqik

    CraftBeerPi - Raspberry Pi Software

    CraftBeerPi3 only works with Python 2.7. The python3_migration branch does not work (although I do have a fixed version that at least runs. But few of the plugins have python3 versions. And the license does not permit me to distribute it).
  10. dyqik

    CraftBeerPi - Raspberry Pi Software

    I'm not sure about what PWM is exactly required for the TD5 pump with PWM input. I think it's between 100 Hz and 1 kHz, so a bit beyond what CBPi3 can do with GPIO. Anyway, I've found various current rating 0-5V controlled SSVRs on AliExpress - e.g. 40A SSVR, so I'm willing to give that a go...
  11. dyqik

    CraftBeerPi - Raspberry Pi Software

    Yes, that'd work, although I'm personally planning on using the PWM output with my Topsflo speed controlled pump, and I want to control the output of two elements (kettle and RIMS).
  12. dyqik

    CraftBeerPi - Raspberry Pi Software

    There's an alternative, which is a 0-5V controlled SSVR that's controlled by a control voltage instead of a pot. Auber sell a 25A one which should be capable of controlling 4500W element on 240V (or maybe just about a 5500W one - Auber says that their SSVR should be derated to 90-95%, with a...
  13. dyqik

    CraftBeerPi - Raspberry Pi Software

    They both use web servers as the interface, so you'll need to make sure their servers are running on different ports (port 80 is standard for web servers - at least one of them will need to be moved to a different port), or you will need to do some web server configuration to put them on...
  14. dyqik

    What's the most cost effective way to move my brewing inside?

    You can buy an almost identical thing in kit form from StillDragon - here - for $41. Add the switch linked above, and you have power control on the kettle, pretty much as for gas. Add the Brew Hardware weldless TC port kit, and a stainless element, and you are pretty much there.
  15. dyqik

    Measuring alcohol in Non-Alcoholic homebrew

    I think this will do it to a fair approximation, as long as you have a good wort calibration factor for your refractometer and take care with zero point calibration and measurement. Beersmith has a tool for calculating it, and there are several online, as well as a nonogram (graphical method...
  16. dyqik

    Beer rationed as UK faces shortage of food-grade CO2

    It's not exactly "revisit" in the UK. Most pubs already serve good local beer by cask and handpump. It's mostly just the big internationally owned lagers, Guinness that suffer from this, although there are many smaller US style craft beer breweries now as well.
  17. dyqik

    Counterflow wort chiller issues

    Two key things have to be right: Firstly, the chiller has to be hooked up the right way round. Cold tap water goes into the end that you want cooled wort to come out of. Hot tap water comes out the end that hot wort goes into. Secondly, the chiller has to be full of water, with no air...
  18. dyqik

    Calculating %ABV Without the Initial Specific Gravity

    There is an article in one of last year's Zymurgys with calculations for doing this for beer. This does work, and I've checked it in a couple of beers, a 4.2% bitter and an 8.2% dubbel (really as a way of checking my wort correction factors for the refractometer). For wine, you need different...
  19. dyqik

    Soldering thermocouple wires

    You can't just solder thermocouple wires - they are made of different metals to each other, and require welding to join. Soldering them, even if it does stick, will prevent the thermocouple from giving accurate readings. Buy a PT100 sensor to replace it, and never deal with thermocouples again.
  20. dyqik

    Best of each style?

    IMO, to get the best Kölsch, you'll have to go to Cologne and Brauerei Päffgen (not Brauerei Pfaffen) where it's served on gravity from the barrel. Not helpful, I know...