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  1. milldoggy

    Ro water for kombucha

    Should any salts be added back? I been doing 2 gallon batches.
  2. milldoggy

    Dash/McMaster number for faucet/shank oring

    Looking for the dash number for this oring on perlick 425s. Number 7 in the pic.
  3. milldoggy

    Wtb- perlick 425

    Looking to match my existing 425s. Anyone have one or two they want the part with? Cash or have 525s in trade.
  4. milldoggy

    Long draft lines - beer losing carb

    All, I have a 4 tap system feed by 27ft of 1/4 barrier tubing lines that is Gylcol chilled. I notice two things. 1:. When I do not use a tap for a while, say a month. The beer loses is carb. It is flat. Could it be causes by the temp swings from my glycol system? The slow cooling and...
  5. milldoggy

    Andiod app won't open

    Any one else experiencing this? Looking at the comments on Google play, I am not the only one. Fails after trying to contact the servers. Reinstall did not help. Tried clearing cache and data.
  6. milldoggy

    PSA - tighten your wires every few years

    Been brewing on my Kal clone since 2011. Only lost 2 lights and an ssr till today. My mash receptacle melted today when trying a 5 am call into work sick brew day. Wire must have worked loose and created an arc. I checked every other wire in the system and they all were loose.
  7. milldoggy

    Filter dry hops from conical on transfer

    Been doing a lot of NEIPA recently and trying all sorts of way of dry hopping and limiting 02 in the kegs. I wanted to add all my dry hops to primary in the conical, but had issues kegging due to clogged pop it's. I found brewers hardware wort filters...
  8. milldoggy

    12" arbor fab inline filter

    Has any one used one of these yet http://arborfab.com/12-Inline-Sanitary-Filter_p_114.html Looks like a nice way to ensure clear beer from a dry hopped conical.
  9. milldoggy

    Sanke spear stainless ball

    Looking for a few Sankey keg stainless balls used in the keg spear. If you have any after making your keggle, be happy to take them off you hand. Looking to use them to weight down a hop tube in my conical.
  10. milldoggy

    Overnight mashing in a pot

    I see lots of post discussing overnight mashing in a cooler. Has anyone done it in a pot? I have a 25g Concord Al. Pot. Was thinking about wrapping in reflectix, then a series of blankets, comforters. Anyone done this? Will it hold temp for 8 hrs? Probably mash high, like 158.
  11. milldoggy

    Stc1000 making humming/beep noises

    Just hooked up an stc1000 I got from eBay. It makes beeping noises. They seem to cycle with the action, such as when the compressor delay is flashing, the noise changes pitch. My other stcs do not do this. I guess I got one of the cheaper knock offs? This one is 110-220 vac, my others are...
  12. milldoggy

    Stainless shell and tube for chilling

    Found these on eBay and wondering if any has use these for brewing? I have some people use custom copper ones with PVC, just no mention of these all stainless ones. http://m.ebay.com/itm/262110805629
  13. milldoggy

    Stainless Convulated CFC

    Trying to find a all stainless convulated CFC. Triclover or 1/2 mpt's. Thanks
  14. milldoggy

    Trouble closing perlick 425s

    I recently was lucky to get some 425s and replaced my 525s. I love them, but people who come over can't close them correctly. If you do not push them straight back, they can leak a little, like spit. Anyone else with 425s have this problem? Do I need new orings? Had the angry wife call me...
  15. milldoggy

    Pennsylvania Perlicks 525, Compression fittings, false bottom, others

    Cleaning out some gear. Prices do not include shipping. 2x swaglok 90° 1/2 mpt to 1/2 compression - 10$ each 2x swaglok 90° 1/2 mpt to 3/8 compression - 10$ each 2x hamlet 1/2 mpt to 1/2 compression - 10$ each Wing capper 5$ 3 changeable tap handles, 10 each, 2x 12", 1x9", 10$ each...
  16. milldoggy

    Dehumidifier glycol chiller

    I have a 4 tap remote bar with 25 ft 1/4" id lines. I have been using a corny full of glycol in a mini fridge. It has worked OK, but the temps range between 47-49. Won't go any colder. Had a dehumidifier that was undersized for my basement. Finally decided to convert it. Here it is...
  17. milldoggy

    Avangard wheat

    Has anyone got a sack of this yet. I picked one up and was scooping out 10 lbs today for a recipe. Found a bunch of corn, some stalk and a small stone. I know it is an ag product, so I expect some by product, but this was a more than I expected. The stone worries me more than the corn, dont...
  18. milldoggy

    rehydrating yeast - measuring shaker

    All, To rehydrate yeast, I found these work great. Easy to measure, easy to pour, easy to shake and are dirt cheap, figure I share. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000MMO7SC/?tag=skimlinks_replacement-20
  19. milldoggy

    New 4 tap remote bar and ebrew

    Not finished, but up and running. I have a custom 4 tap bar in the dining room feed by a 25 ft long insulated glycol cooled trunk line. It is feed by a kreezer that holds 8 kegs and a seperate glycol fridge. The glycol fridge has 2 gallons of rv antifreeze mixed with 2 gallons of water that...
  20. milldoggy

    Pennsylvania 30 amp gfci cord, 80 shipped

    Xerox 30 amp gfci cord. I swapped to a spa disconnect.