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    Making a wine kit in 5 gallons

    I am en experienced homebrewer, and most of my equipment is designed for 5-5.5 gallons. I am kind of thinking about trying out a wine using one of the standard wine kits from the LHBS. I have a 5 gallon better bottle that I have used for making apfelwine in the past that I would like to use...
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    Disconnect issue

    Over the weekend, I took a corny keg (pin lock) to a family gathering. When I tried to put the liquid disconnect on, it wouldn't go down very easily. I proceeded to push on it pretty hard (terrible idea, right?), and the pin in the disconnect bent. I tried bending the plastic pin back, but it...
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    cloning Southern Tier Mokah

    I'd like to do an all grain clone of Southern Tier Mokah. I've searched the intertubes a bit for a clone recipe that has already been formulated, but I couldn't find anything of the sort. I would also like to add the disclaimer that I've never really delved into the realm of recipe...
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    Looking for a Belgian beer...

    My sister had a really good Belgian beer, unfortunately, she doesn't remember the name of it. She described it as a hoppy wheat beer. It is supposed to be brewed by monks and have a white label with green writing. The bottle was described to me as having "a really long neck". Does...