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    Jamil's Chocolate Hazelnut Porter (?)

    I have that is a great kit and I burned through 5 gallons of it in not time flat.
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    Building a kegerator this week

    I used a Fridgaire 9cuft that will hold 4 kegs with no collar. It has the dimensions 41" wide by 21" deep I am still working of it but hope to be finished with in 2-3 weeks. I already have 2 kegs waiting and a carboy of graff fermenting it will be a good grand opening for it. Jonathan
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    Building a kegerator this week

    Mine does not have coolant lines in the lid, there is just a plastic shell with insulation underneath. Yours maybe differnt though. Jonathan
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    The 'Keezer' Project

    Jester did you you use standard cement for the tile or did you use something like liquid nails for tile? I am working on a similar build, and am trying to figue out how to get this step done. Grafter
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    Laminating or paneling a keezer

    Bdavanza how did you get the stainless panels on? Glue? I am thinking of doing something similar with a roll of copper flashing then aging it with an ammonia/sodium chloride solution to remove the shine and add patina. My only worry was that the glue would insulate the coils to much...
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    How many gallons of homebrew in 2009?

    So far this year I have brewed 5g IIPA 5g Wheat 5g Hazelnut porter 5g Siason 5g Belgian Strong Dark 5g Belgian Pale Ale So 18325 + 30 = 18355 As an Aside this is a great thread