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  1. CreamyGoodness

    Any Brewers in Ossining NY?

    Just bought my first home in Ossining and I know literally no one. Won't you be my neighbor?
  2. CreamyGoodness

    Creamy is moving

    Too much going on right now and has been for a while. Lots to tell you all, and I will soon as the dust finally settles. In the meantime here's SessionableGoodness helping me pack the 3 gallon carboy
  3. CreamyGoodness

    Any Linux/Chromebook experts?

    Looking to run something on my chromebook through the linux crosh. Anyone willing to walk me through that?
  4. CreamyGoodness

    Beet wine- My first taste

    18 month old beet wine. Still not sure if I like it yet...
  5. CreamyGoodness

    Free, Safe, Effective Malware removal...

    Is there such a thing? MalwareBytes trial ran out, and stuff like Spyhunter appear to have hidden fees. Any advice? Edit: In case it helps looks like I caught a case of "dealingapp"
  6. CreamyGoodness

    RIP Roddy Piper

    What a bummer.:(
  7. CreamyGoodness

    Express Bus Too Hard To Understand??

    A few weeks ago I went on vacation to see my inlaws at their little lake house in upper Michigan with the wife and SessionableGoodness. On the way home, from LaGuardia Airport, I took advantage of the M60 Express Bus, which the MTA has thoughtfully developed to take passengers from the Airport...
  8. CreamyGoodness


    Anyone know any decent sites that are safe and dont make your computer pestilent? Definitely want to save some money on the stuff I buy every day... Thanks guys Creamy
  9. CreamyGoodness

    PBS Sprout- One Man's Experience

    My wife and I don't use television as a caregiver, but if we need to start dinner, eat dinner after he has been fed or go to the bathroom, we don't feel too bad about putting SessionableGoodness in baby jail and putting on PBS Sprout. I've watched quite a bit of the programming on that channel...
  10. CreamyGoodness

    Does anyone have a "real" baby making machine?

    I think I want to be a father. So does the BASIC process involve some sort of baby extractor hooked up to a belly button? Does this involve a big investment, or could I use something like this?
  11. CreamyGoodness

    Potato Leek Soup (too simple?)

    This one is pretty simple but is a big hit at my house. The baby got his first taste yesterday, and wanted more even though it was a little too spicy for him (he stuck out his tongue and panted). 3 leeks washed, chopped or slivered 4 large russet potatoes, peeled and cubed 4 cloves...
  12. CreamyGoodness

    Getting crotch rot and nasal AIDS from homebrew?

    You see me trollin' You hatin'
  13. CreamyGoodness

    Adventures in new fatherhood

    If you are worried that this is going to be one of those stereotypical threads posted by parents, then your fears are well founded. I am so tired I could cry. There is an hour of my day I simply dont remember, I think I fell asleep with my eyes open for a while. I keep hearing myself or...
  14. CreamyGoodness

    I just sent this email to Similac

    Dear Similac, When my wife had our son eight months ago, I decided that the responsible thing to do would be to sign up for all the baby-related rewards programs I could think of. I hoped to get coupons and offers on diapers, formula, baby clothes, books... all the things my wife and I would...
  15. CreamyGoodness

    Increasing my giveaway odds

    I cast my bet on most of the giveaways here. The sight-glass kettle, conical fermenters, beer bottle openers, you name it. Lots of great stuff being given away, and I cast my lot for all of them. I havent won so much as an airlock. The problem is I have too much competition. So here's...
  16. CreamyGoodness

    Purchase a Bissell Steam Spot Pro 3624

    Thats an order. You clean your house/apartment top to bottom every weekend, you say? You don't have any pets, you always wear pants when you sit on furniture, and your kids are all in hermetically sealed plastic bubbles? Well then good, your house is only sort of a disease pit. The typical...
  17. CreamyGoodness

    Pork Belly

    I love my wife. This Fresh Direct order she got a nice pack of beautiful pork belly for me to play with. While I dont have a wok, Im thinking about getting it nice and crispy and serving it up with some green beans cooked in soy sauce and garlic over white rice. Any other ideas? Winner gets...
  18. CreamyGoodness

    Heavy Heart

    I'm almost 35. I have always been notoriously bad at keeping up with old friends. Usually, five or ten years down the line someone I used to spend a lot of time hanging out with was a totally different person with different interests, so keeping up seemed almost like vanity. I mention all...
  19. CreamyGoodness

    Screwing up lyrics- the game

    I have been playing a little game for the past 24 years. Take a popular song, or even just the song currently playing... and screw up the lyrics so that they are funny. My wife does not have it easy. Either change the words to something else that rhymes, or even better, incorporate a...
  20. CreamyGoodness

    Thrown together maple wine- calculations correct

    So... I had a major fridge/cabinet cleaning day last week. I had several mostly full bottles of pure maple syrup (Grade A Amber), and decided to throw it together with some champagne yeast (Pasteur from Red Star), for giggles. 12/31/14 Here's what I wound up with. 1 gallon 37.5 oz...