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  1. zoebisch01

    is making cheese economical or more of a hobby?

    If you make high end cheeses it will be. For standard grocery store cheeses, no unless you raise your own dairy goats/cows. Even then I doubt it would be more economically feasible (the milk part).
  2. zoebisch01

    Can you sour any beer?

    Neal is correct on this, the main reason a dowel is used is to restrict O2 transfer into the environment. The permeability of plastic is very high and glass is essentially a medium that allows no O2 transfer, so the dowel allows a decent surface area for a standard carboy. Now the bugs can...
  3. zoebisch01

    South Central Pa Bulk Grain buy

    Hey thanks again for organizing this Warrior.
  4. zoebisch01

    Does anyone have one of these?

    It's pretty funny, reading the paragraphs there. :D
  5. zoebisch01

    Does anyone have one of these?

    I have like, 15 of those :fro:
  6. zoebisch01

    Stimulus plan revealed

    poor wild. Welcome to the viper pit :D
  7. zoebisch01

    12 month Iraqi experiment

    Hey man, be careful over there! Don't fall victim to making the Gatorade hooch (I talked to a guy who was over there, they fermented the Gatorade or something to that effect in the rafters, being that it is a dry country there is no alcohol, or at least that was what he said)
  8. zoebisch01

    God's Gift to Humankind

    The frozen fries, the reason they work so well is they are steam cooked (or something like that...I saw it on "How it's made" or whatever that show is). The way I make my fries is take a Russet, stab it a few times with a knife so it doesn't explode and microwave it until it just yields to...
  9. zoebisch01

    Green Flash Brewery...

    Not too bad, I have tried the West Coast IPA and the Hop Head Red. Both nice and hoppy.
  10. zoebisch01

    kegging belgians

    They always complain when I put the lid on. :D
  11. zoebisch01

    whats with this absinthe ad ?

    I added some fresh sprigs to a batch at flameout. I like how it came out, it's a little herbal/medicinal though which some people may not like.
  12. zoebisch01

    French bread baguettes

    You can make a couche simply by making folds in a (non-fuzzy) cotton towel that has been impregnated with raw flour. Rub the flour in really well. Start with the far end of the towel, hold it up against the backsplash up the wall about 3", on the counter. Lay the first unrisen loaf on the towel...
  13. zoebisch01

    How Long does a homebrew last?

    I disagree with indefinitely. It is highly recipe dependent. Good in terms of, it won't make you sick, etc....but good in terms of flavor is a different story. Some beers just lose all character when they sit too long. The general rule of thumb is the more complex the recipe and higher the...
  14. zoebisch01

    growing hops near a walnut tree

    I think the leaves contain it (juglone) as well. I have seen the effect of this first hand with an area of my garden. I didn't notice the small Walnut tree growing just outside the fence, but the area closest to it was always stunted. So I cut it down. As pjj2ba and david's article mention...
  15. zoebisch01

    None blog blog

    I'll say, thanks for sharing :D I've had or made many of those...but the Stinky Tofu is an experience I doubt I'll repeat :(
  16. zoebisch01

    This is why you're fat.

    That stuff looks revolting. Hey, I am known to enjoy Salo on occasion, but I don't cut a 5" square off, top it with mayo, bread it and deep fry it and then eat it with a side of butter.
  17. zoebisch01

    Price of carrots.

    People are so ignorant. I had a friend who had this apple tree in his back yard. Produced tasty apples but they were ugly because he didn't take care of it. So he cut it down. At the time he was buying all these apples at the store. Now look at the price of apples. I have a blanket of snow over...
  18. zoebisch01

    Beer snobs SUCK!!! (rant)

    While I remain highly opinionated about just about any commercial beer, I choose not to judge anyone with different tastes in beer than mine. I will call a spade a spade though. If it sucks then I'm not going to massage anybodies feelings about it :D. Will I drink a beer if offered to me...
  19. zoebisch01

    Post a pic--let's see your ugly mugs

    here's a lil pic of me at competition
  20. zoebisch01

    Pickled eggs--recipe?

    Hey thx fly. The tomatoes were lacto-fermented (something of my own design). The Oyster mushrooms were from my mountain. The pickles and dillies we grew (well all the ingredients anyway, save the salt and vinegar and a few of the spices). The olives were from the store though.