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  1. brucebeernut

    Texas Micro-HERMS / Fermenting / Keezer

    Micro-HERMS / Fermenting / Keezer $1,200 FOR EVERYTHING Brewing 1 16Gal Stainless Brew Kettle - Bayou Classic 1316 Tri-Ply Stockpot w/lid $ 95.00 Bottom port w/3-piece Stainless Ball Valve - Silver Soldered, 1/2in Male NPT...
  2. brucebeernut

    Yeast Harvest Tracker Cost Thingy

    Is there a yeast tracker program or spread that lets you track overbuilds, pitched, generations, including costs etc.? Example: Today I pitched WLP051 into a starter to 2nd step pitch build to ~550b cells in 2.5L. ~330b cells (~1.5L) will be pitched to this weekends' batch (1.076 Black IPA)...
  3. brucebeernut

    80° wort dumped on last batch yeast cake... Asking for trouble?

    The coldest I can cool my wort is 80°F with the water here in Southern California. I want to try my next batch fermenting with the prior batch yeast cake... I plan on putting it in the fermentation chamber immediately afterwards to cool it to the proper temps. I'm using White Labs WLP090 San...
  4. brucebeernut

    Speidel 30l Primary and Coopers for secondary?

    I'm on 10th extract brew and jumped in and have a big "Pliney" extract kit (Morebeer) on deck. I have 2 newer Coopers fermenters and a new Speidel 30l (2 brews so far and HaPpy!).:rockin: My question is, will I be successful to primary in Speidel for headspace and aggressive fermentation and...