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    What set-up is next (for you)?

    Hi everyone! Myself and a couple of business partners are looking to start a launch-pad for hopeful home brewers looking to take the next step on their brewing journey. It begs the question: What equipment would you need to take your brewing to the next level? A fully electric 20 Gal...
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    California V

    Yep. By definition the style should be akin to good BBQ. Low and slow. Super clean ferment.
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    California V

    Back story: I am currently testing a ton of different recipes for a Scottish ale. I got tiered of trying to maintain 55-60 degree ferm temps with WL and WYeast scottish yeasts and noticed another brewer hade good clean results with WL Cali I at 65 (much easier for my set up to hold) I...
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    Thirsty Planet Guinness billboard

    Any clue what's going on with ATX based Thirsty Planet? Just saw a billboard downtown with a black&tan marketing both Guinness (diageo) and TP. Is this a distributor play? Did Diageo buy a stake in TP?
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    Infection taste

    Sometimes infection. Sometimes just young beer. Give it two weeks. If its still as prevalent it could be infected. Any gushers? Any ring at the top o the bottle? Both signs of infection.
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    You know you're a home brewer when?

    When you get a whiff of the banana peel in the trash can at work and immediately crave a Dunkelweizen.
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    What is your favorite dry hop combination?

    My favorite IPA was finished with Amarillo and Simco. Only thing I would do differently is make the proportions 2 to 1 (2 parts Am to 1 part Sim). Let us know how it goes!:mug:
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    Chai in beer

    I have had the same Idea floating around in the brain for a few years now. Thinking about going lighter in body as a curve ball... most spiced beers I've enjoyed in the past have been porter-stout. Please post updates on boil / secondary and what the verdict is. :mug:
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    Complete List of Hop Varieties / Hop Cheat Sheet

    Is the link on your blog for the printable list broken? Would love to have on hand for ref later. Thanks! :mug:
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    What's in a name?

    I figured post posting. Thanks!
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    What's in a name?

    Hey everyone, Im brand new to the site and have only my second all-grain in the fermentor. I was curious to find most home brewers defining, or trying to define their own brews or those of others. I happen to think of brewing in much the same way I think of the USA... a melting pot of ideas and...