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    Oat wine

    Thinking of brewing an oat wine soon and was unsure about the diastatic power of the mash. Here is my recipe so far 16# Malted Oats 4# golden naked oats 4# avangaard pilsner malt 3# flaked oats 1# corn sugar 1# yeast hulls 1.106 O.G. 50 ibu 20 min Beta glucan rest Big old 001 yeast slug...
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    Garage door grain mill fan

    So I have been using a Craftsman 1/2hp garage door opener to power my 3 roller kegco for about a year. It has been performing adequately for moderate grain bills. Problem is it overheats and cuts out at around 20ish pounds of grain then I have to wait for it to cool before finishing the crush...
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    BYO digital subscription - Looking for Article on Massive Mash Tun

    Anybody have It? I have the print version but can't find this article on building a massive mash tun. What month and year was it published? https://byo.com/project/the-massive-mash-tun/
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    Cleveland, Oh

    I am headed to Cleveland this weekend, any good beers I should look up?
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    Giant Mash Tun

    Hey all, I am going to take the lead in our club barrel project. We have one wine barrel and need to fill it in 2 months, or so. I would like to build a giant mash tun, so that everyone would only have to bring a burner and boil pot. The idea came from a talk at NHC in Baltimore. Anyone...
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    Zwet.be dregs?

    Anyone try them? Are they the same as other dregs from drei fonteinen?
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    Peltier cooled conical

    I was looking to build a Peltier cooled conical and wanted to know how anyone's experience was with them. It will be a 7 gallon stout tank conical with the plate that they mill for it. The question I have is, will one plate with 2 Peltier chips be enough for a 30-35 degree temperature...
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    Help me help him

    I am going to send someone some beer soon but don't know how to find out what beer he can't get. Is there a resource for this? I live in Nc and he lives in Houston. Thanks for any help
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    St Augustine, Florido

    Hey all, I am headed to St. Augustine next week and wanted to get the lowdown on the beer scene. What brewery would you hit if there was only time for one? Where is the best bottle shop? Any beers that I need to try? Thanks
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    Cocoa powder

    I am thinking about putting cocoa powder and raspberries in a dark sour. Talk me out of it.
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    20# co2 tank pin lock corny 100$

    Charlotte nc keg is in good shape and co2 tank is almost full. Would also consider trading for dual or single regulator local pickup only