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    Re-yeasting with liquid brett...amount?

    I am about to bottle a flanders red coming up on a year of aging. I would like to re-yeast with some very active liquid slurry that I cultured up from a bottle of Sierra Nevada/Russian River brux. I am assuming that it is some mixture of a belgian ale strain and brett b. About how much...
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    Thoughts on a Berliner Weisse and Jolly Pumpkin yeast/bacteria

    I've done a berliner weisse each year for the past 2 years. Given its low gravity I have been able to do 10 gallon batches using my standard 5 gallon setup, which is great because, in my opinion, it is a great beer both to drink in quantity as well as set some aside to develop in the bottle...
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    Moving Sour Beers off of Fruit

    Hello all, I have a dark sour that I brewed last November, in January I racked it to another 6.5 gallon carboy on several pounds of frozen sour cherries I had picked up over the summer. I used a 6.5 gallon to account for the displacement from the whole cherries. At this point the beer has...
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    Excellent Attenuation with WLP565 - What to do

    I was a little wary of using this strain with all of the reports of it under-attenuating and taking up to 4 weeks or more to finish out. I didn't want to wait this long so I was taking a chance on using this strain. I made a 2L starter, pitched the tube and let it go on the stirplate for 24...
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    Where to get Russian River in Philly?

    Heading down to Philly today to see some family. Does anybody know of any places that currently have any Russian River beers (Pliny or sours) on tap? Thanks
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    Brett Berliner Weisse Idea

    I brewed my first berliner weisse back in November, it was bottled in March and it is tasting great right now. Very tart with a hint of brett (used Wyeast Blend). I have a vial of White Labs Lacto on the way, I also have a vial of Brett C coming. I was planning on using the brett for a 100%...
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    Best way to save sour slurry?

    I have a sour brown 2nd gen roeselare cake that also has many good bottle dregs added to it. I want to save some to add to other sours I brew down the line. If I rack this beer to 2ndary today I was thinking of a few different ways to save the slurry: -sanitized mason jar -sanitized and...
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    Citra RyePA

    This has turned out to be one of my best brews. I think the key is the citra hops and the Bells yeast, creates the nicest fruitiness. I wouldn't hesitate to up the late hop additions if I brew this again. For the yeast I pitched the dregs of 3 2hearted into 100ml of starter on the stirplate...
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    2nd generation Roeselare results and dilemma

    Just took off some small tasting samples of my sours. The first is a sour blonde that I fermented with Roeselare blend and is currently in secondary. It tastes great, pretty tart with a nice complexity already forming. It also had several bottle dregs added to it in primary (Jolly Pumpkin...
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    FS: Stirplate

    I ended up with an extra stirplate and I am re-locating soon so I need to get rid of some stuff. This is a pretty standard item that I barely used; this one has an on/off switch, indicator LED, speed control and removable 12vlt adaptor. Speeds range from slow stir to full on vortex (see pics)...
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    Are these bottles cap-able?

    I haven't bottled anything in a year and a half (since I got my kegging system) but I am getting back into it for sour beers I am brewing. I am trying to bottle a sour cider and I have a bunch of these empty Jolly Pumpkin bottles. The cap seems to fit and go on fine with the wing capper. My only...
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    Falconers Flight Black IPA

    5.5 Gallons 10# 2-row 10oz Carafa III 8oz C60 8oz Flaked Barley .5# Cane Sugar Mash @150-152 .5oz Chinook @ FWH 1oz Chinook @ 70min 1oz Falconers Flight @ 30min .5oz Falconers Flight @ 15min .5oz Falconers Flight @ 5min 1oz Falconers Flight @ 0min Dry hop in the keg or for 2...
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    clearing cider

    Hello all, I started a batch of cider about 3 months ago using S-04 and some dregs of sour beers. I forgot to add pectic enzyme so there was a wall of pectic haze towards the bottom. The other night I added some dissolved gelatin and today I put the carboy in the refrigerator. I want...
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    Pale Ale brewed for my dad

    brewed this the other day, my dad asked for a keg of a hoppy beer to bring to a party. The recipe is loosely based off of 2-hearted (we don't get it in New York but I just got back from the south and was drinking a ton of it). I don't really enjoy cloning recipes but like to take them into...
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    Black IPA brewed yesterday

    Brewed this yesterday: 5.5 Gallons 10# 2-row 10oz Carafa III 8oz C60 8oz Flaked Barley .5# Cane Sugar Mash @151-152 .5oz Chinook @ FWH 1oz Chinook @ 70min 1oz Falconers Flight @ 30min .5oz Falconers Flight @ 15min .5oz Falconers Flight @ 5min 1oz Falconers Flight @ 0min...
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    Question about secondary for sour beers

    Hello all, I am about to brew my first couple sour beers and after doing a bunch of research I still have a few questions. The primary question I am left with is to whether or not to add the everything in the primary (i.e. pitching a packet of roselaire blend + bottle dregs) or doing a...
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    Leaving starsan in draft lines/taps

    Hello all, I am about to go away for a month and I am cleaning my lines so they are nice and ready to go when I get back. I do the following: 1. soak and rinse with warm oxyclean 2. soak and rinse with blc 3. rinse with hot water 4. star-san Is it OK to leave starsan in the lines...
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    Lacto in apple cider?

    Anybody have experience with fermenting apple cider with lacto? I am about to get 5 gallons of cider and I was thinking of pitching a bit of slurry from my wyeast berliner blend that has sacch. lacto and brett. Any thoughts?
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    Belgian APA/IPA - brewed this last night

    Brewed this up last night. Had what seemed like a brew-ending disaster at the beginning of the night: The hopper on my barley crusher fell over onto my deck full of the entire grain bill. I recovered most of it and probably only lost a pound or so of grain. I get really good efficiency so I...
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    OK to put 100-110F wort in carboy?

    Hello, I usually use 6gal plastic pails for primary but I am going to do a few sour beers and I want to use glass for easy sanitization afterward. My immersion chiller usually gets the wort from boiling to about 90-110F in about 15 minutes. After that it is really difficult to get it down...