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  1. zoebisch01

    My most recent culinary diversion

    Okonomiyaki Really easy and quite tasty. There are two basic styles, one the Osaka and Hiroshima styles with the former having the batter mixed together and the latter being a layered 'pancake'. I made the Osaka style with chopped shrimp, thin sliced squid, dried small shrimps, green...
  2. zoebisch01

    Hysterical moments in film (post yours)

    You Tube "King of Forest" I find this scene so damned funny. Post your gut busters. :fro: contains NSFW language
  3. zoebisch01

    *SIIIIGHHHHH* Glad that's over!!!

    Well the voting part anyway! Got my free Starbucks too :D
  4. zoebisch01


    What do you guys think of locals rioting over PSU vs. Ohio riot? It wasn't so bad until they started pulling down light posts, throwing rocks through windows, trashing cars etc. Pepper spray and I believe water hoses were used.
  5. zoebisch01

    The Dangers of Competitive Eating

    Taiwan Student Dies During Fast Food Eating Contest Personally, I find it odd that Gluttony is celebrated in these circles. They had a guy recently eat the 15 lb hamburger with 5 lbs of toppings in a bar close to here. I mean imho, that is just nasty.
  6. zoebisch01

    Troegs now offering tasting room

    Article Before this, there wasn't much to do there. I am going to have to hit this up the next time I pass by Harrysburger.
  7. zoebisch01

    Punishment for virtual crimes

    Woman Jailed after 'killing' virtual husband And see folks, this is just another thing wrong with the world today...
  8. zoebisch01

    Eternal Sunshine...here we come...

    "WEDNESDAY, Oct. 22 (HealthDay News) -- It sounds like science fiction, by scientists say it might one day be possible to erase undesirable memories from the brain, selectively and safely. Now that my friends, is scary stuff.
  9. zoebisch01

    So whatcha gonna do if we get another Stimulus?

    Brew equipment? Tank of heating oil? Savings?
  10. zoebisch01

    Is fighting illegal?

    I mean like if two people consensually fight, non-exhibition, no bets? Just curious.
  11. zoebisch01

    Strange films

    I watched "Fantastic Planet" for the first time this weekend. What a mind bender. I have seen quite a few odd films, in fact I like the more obscure, artistic stuff over the Mc-Movies. Have you seen any strange films lately?
  12. zoebisch01

    The Scream thread

  13. zoebisch01

    Sobering Video

    A coworker sent me this clip. It is depressing to say the least, so view at your own discretion. SOCAL:FORECLOSURE ALLEY
  14. zoebisch01

    In troubling times...

    ..It's good to have old friends. You know like like Papa-san talks about. Right now my old fWHatrriend DunkelWeizen has come to visit :D What friends do you have visiting now?
  15. zoebisch01

    Red Onion thread

    Ok, so sort of my Garlic thread's evil twin cousin (but not really :D), I have a very successful harvest of some wonderful Red Onions this year. I have probably 50 lbs of Red storage onions, but to go along with that around 50 lbs of a sweeter (translates to reduced shelf life) Red Onion. And...
  16. zoebisch01

    Burning Spear

    Anybody else like Burning Spear?
  17. zoebisch01

    Forty Creek Barrel Select

    I just recently started digging Whiskey, never used to be a fan. I decided to try this, what an amazing distillate! It is so amazingly smooth and the flavor is packed with Vanilla and other deep nutty flavors but seems to be so nicely balanced. Granted, this was my first taste of any Canadian...
  18. zoebisch01


    I'mma get one o' dem cold bers. :fro:
  19. zoebisch01

    Wrigley's DoubleMint

    So when the hell did they start adding Aspartame to DoubleMint?
  20. zoebisch01

    "Cooking with Rooky"

    I was browsing around looking for ideas on Muscovy and came up with this: ks1D_eP6PKc Go Rooky :D I like his style. Pretty good looking dishes, and the secret of blanch time and temperature is important for me. I skinned the first ones because doing it at regular Duck temperatures...