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    Missed Crannóg rhizome pre-order! Where to get hop rhizomes in Canada?

    Title says it all. I'll order from the US in a pinch (Hops Direct won't ship outside the Lower 48, drat!) but would prefer a domestic supplier. Anyone know one?
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    Bottle conditioning/carbonation at too warm temperature causes yeast to stall out?

    Hey, all - Brewed a Northern English Brown on Feb. 6, bottled on Feb. 21. The beer spent a week at 70º until next brew day (Feb. 27), when I chilled one bottle down to try. Was flat and tasted really green and off (as expected). No fear; I'm a believer in Revvy's 3 week rule. The Brown spent...
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    North American vs European Pilsner malt for Belgian brews

    Hey, all ye experienced HBTers. Maybe you can help me out with something. I'm going to be buying my malt in bulk after realizing that the grain bill for one simple brew at my LHBS is setting me back the price of a whole 55lb bag from the malt distributors! Agonizing over the choices...
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    Unibroue 17 clone?

    Hey, all. I'm totally stuck on Unibroue's delicious "17". Problem is, it was a limited release, brewed only once. Supplies are dwindling, and I think it's time to begin working toward cloning this sucker so we'll never have to be without. I'm not any kind of experienced recipe-formulator (I'm...
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    Cowtown Homebrew Roundup (open competition) Deadline 12-Feb-10

    I was going to wait until the entry page had been posted on the CTYW website, but thought it might be better to give y'all some lead time to get brewing. I believe this comp is open to anyone who wants to enter (no geographical limitation). Furriners might want to double-check before mailing...
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    "Aftermarket" / "Retrofit" Graff - doable?

    Heyo, Very pleased with how the lite Graff turned out (I brewed with about an 8-to-1 cider-to-wort ratio instead of the 4-or-5-to-1 suggested in the recipe, mostly because of faulty math-on-the-fly). I still have a carboy full of straight cider lurking in the basement, and was wondering if...
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    Critiques please - hoppy/Chinook APA

    Long story short: Had to build a recipe on the fly in the LHBS (well, I didn't have to, but I did anyway). Wound up bringing home 10 lbs 2-row malt 1 lb Crystal 40 0.5 lbs Cara-pils Wyeast 1272 American Ale II (will probably ferment toward the lower end of the temp range, with a 2L...
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    Plate chiller for serving?

    Heyo - I've searched on the site and it seems that most if not all the discussion around plate chillers has been about using them during brewing for wort chilling. I recently bought a bunch of kegging equipment that includes a 5-channel plate chiller and a tiny little fridge that's been...
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    1st time cider, some questions

    Wish I had staggered into this place sooner; I might not have to ask some of these questions then. Nonetheless, here goes: I made a first time batch of apple cider last weekend with apples scrumped from neighbours and friends. A friend experienced in beer brewing (but not in cider) helped me...